Finchley Central to High Barnet, Northern Line completed, TfL run Project   Leave a comment


The timing for Sunday’s TfL Run was different from Saturday’s in that both days I had things to do before noon but there were no early-opening pubs on the route Saturday.  A slight detour at the end of this run fixed that issue.




Like the day before, I got a start from Mill Hill Broadway, the end-of-the-line for the 114 bus. Noted today, the route includes a scamper along Bunns Lane (a good omen).



In good time, I reached Finchley Central Station and turned north up the Northern Line.



Finchley Central


Another good omen — or sound advice at the very least — was delivered by this graffito:




The stations are closely packed in this section and West Finchley appeared quickly.



West Finchley


The chain link fence notwithstanding, the path along the railway is fairly pleasant.




Woodside Park Station extends down the path a bit.



Woodside Park


The last of the short segments is uphill to the beautiful old shopping centre of Station Parade, adjacent to Totteridge & Whetstone Station.




Totteridge & Whetstone


At this point, I veered off toward the nearest Wetherspoons, the Railway Bell at New Barnet (write-up soon). Near the bar but on the wrong side of the tracks, this war memorial stands:




The angel on the orb is sublime, but …




I really like the lion’s head framed with sunbeams by the “We Will Remember Them” inscription.




After a quick breakfast and beer, I completed the run at High Barnet.



High Barnet


This also completes the Northern Line (hooray!):






Here is what remains of the system:



It is getting hard to find that remaining overlay on the full system map:





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