Clapham High Street to New Cross, Overground Completed, TfL Run Project   2 comments


I’ve complained about the cold frequently this year but we are now a few days into and the chill is brutal. But, Sunday was sunny and I had a thing to do in Brixton and — scheduling with my trading partner being what it is — I only got an early afternoon start to the only TfL run this weekend.




I timed my travel to Clapham North (and, therefore, Clapham High Street) to allow a ten minute run and cider purchase at our usual de facto market. Unfortunately, the Byzantine trading rules we each brought to the endeavour found us changing venue a bit south. Hey ho!


Clapham High Street


A bit of socialising after business had to be cut short and I moved on with a further stop at the Fox on the Hill (write-up soon) and some grand site seeing with this lovely Art Deco brickwork on a nearby housing estate.



I thought this wall was part of a tattoo parlour but it appears to just be for its own sake.



Eventually, Denmark Hill passed.


Denmark Hill


A statue of Catherine Booth adorns the front of the Salvation Army arsenal:



Always looking for metaphor and synchronicity, shortly after the Sallie Army sighting there were these sculptures of a wolf stalking a ram. Read it however you want (there’s an easy gentrification connection here, too).




Peckham Rye, one of my favourite stations since it reminds me so much of Kraainnest in De Bijlmer, required a bit of walking to navigate the crowded pavements.  After that, it was smooth running well past Queen’s Road Peckham.


Peckham Rye

Queen’s Road Peckham


The Asylum Tavern (write-up soon), a pub buried in a park-like street at the edge of the council estates, was a treasure on the way to Surrey Quays and, finally, New Cross.


Surrey Quays

New Cross


That, then, is the last of the Overground.



There remains an exceptionally long run to complete the system (and probably two runs at my current level of fitness and motivation). Here’s this last bits:



And, the system map:



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