The Asylum Tavern, Peckham, London   Leave a comment


Pub #2069:

It was quiet outside and everything seemed sealed up tight.  I thought the Asylum Tavern was closed — not shuttered, but perhaps with later doors than my mid-afternoon trot could coincide with.  I wandered around a bit for some photos, then tried the door.  The place was packed and Bob Dylan was turned up to 11:

…threw the bums a dime in your prime…

At that, a half-dozen of the fellows crowded around the bar — and yours truly — all sang/yelled out, “didn’t yoooooooouuuuu!”



The landlady had her hands full but I made eye contact and slipped off to the loo for a quick slash.  Quite quick…the Bob-head was only up to the vacuüm of his eyes and discussing the possibility of a deal.  She spotted me again and came over.

“I thought I’d lost you.”

“Wishful thinking, darling.  May I get a pint of cider, please?”  I took my glass to the back side of the bar where several gents were congregated and who met the specifications for (but not the dress code of) the Fox on the Hill a few miles back.  Even with the loud jukebox (the Stones were telling us it might well be the last time), there was eavesdropping to do but not very good eavesdropping…I heard a household maintenance story three times as new mates joined and subsequently left the pair you see above.




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