Westferry to New Cross, DLR and Jubilee, TfL Run Project   2 comments


The only TfL run of the week, last week, was Sunday morning’s failed attempt to finish the Jubilee Line after finishing a pesky section of the DLR.




I took the Tube to Bank then switched to the Docklands Light Rail. A lot of runners (with their numbered bibs) were riding the Central Line in both directions and also changed at Bank but I was happy to see they were heading elsewhere. I saw even more of them on the opposite platforms up to Westferry Station where I alighted to start my own run.  Along the way, there seemed to be even more of them out warming up and swarming into Poplar Station.





As noted, they were going the other way; but, it soon became obvious I was tracking the course of whatever race they had signed up for.




These stations have hidden signage, but I found the Blackwall Station  marker in the photo later on.





After the snow and bitter cold, this was a beautiful morning for a run. I just wanted to stay ahead of the pack.




I never found a sign for East India Station, instead confirming its identity by crossroads on the map (a sort of cartographic dental record).



East India


I’m always flabbergasted by the stories of Victoria Cross (and, in the States, Medal of Honor) awardees.  Lance Corporal Charles Graham Robertson VC MM story is worth a quick read, either at the more detailed link or on this memorial at the station.




I planned to follow Bow Creek to the right of the big bend, seen here at low tide. There was construction hoarding blocking the way and I had to double back and follow around to the left, instead.




This detour brought me to the bridge to nowhere.




Canning Town Station splits inside to DLR and Underground bits, but from outside it registers the end of my DLR journey for the day as I left on the long stretch to North Greenwich station.



Canning Town




Many sights along the way … like an old hospital’s remaining façade (thematic accompaniment to the earlier bridge?)




The Thames Foot Tunnel is the way off the Isle of Dogs:



North side

In side

South side


The Greenwich Meridian as I crossed into the Eastern Hemisphere:




Yet more signs of the run appeared … shit. Finally, I asked a volunteer who identified it as “The Big Half.”



Even at high tide this pier seems too high:




North Greenwich Station — with the Millennium Dome adjacent — finally appeared. I retraced my steps, sort of, back into Greenwich, proper.



North Greenwich


As I mentioned earlier, my intent was to finish the Jubilee Line today but Sir Mo and my shitty internal compass were having none of it. I struggled to find my way through the barricades separating civilians from racers and, in addition, I struggled to find the Gate Clock pub (write-up soon) where I hoped to take a brief break before doing the last 2 miles or so to Canary Wharf.



Instead, I convinced myself to go in precisely the wrong direction. I should have realised I was delving deeper into the South when I was menaced by this marionette with a knife in one hand and a petrol bomb in the other. This was probably the worst Cirque de Soleil character yet:



The system map is down to one or, more likely, two runs to completion:



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