The Defector’s Weld, Shepherd’s Bush, London   Leave a comment


Pub #2071:

I didn’t think it could happen, but I found a bar that is worse than Brew Dog.  However, Shepherd’s Bush is such a mixed bag (see below) that the Defector’s Weld was an almost inevitable tragedy.  While Brew Dog is run by an American outfit to prefabricated American (let’s call them) “standards,” Defector’s Weld does the same job if you substitute “hipster millennials” for “American.”  Highly disappointing.


Here are my rankings for this pub and the 9 nearest ones written up so far.  The top 3 are far and away superior to any of the others (a hint if you are planning a Shepherd’s Bush pub crawl).  I would avoid the bottom 4 unless the White Horse or the Flock make you nervous (in which case, those shitholes are probably your sort of gaff).

1. The Shepherd and Flock (sublime)
2. The White Horse
3. The Stewart Arms
4. The Queen Adelaide (adequate, avoid QPR game days)
5. The Central Bar (a ‘Spoons, so you know what you’re getting)
6. The Pocket Watch
7. The Sindercombe Social (putrid)
8. The Green
9. Brew Dog (American)
10. The Defector’s Weld (dregs)



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