North Greenwich to Stratford, Jubilee (finished) and DLR, TfL Run Project   2 comments


Sunday morning found me clearing up some of the last remaining segments of the TfL Run Project starting with the lone bit of the Jubilee Line I was meant to finish LAST weekend.  After that, the run continued along the DLR to Stratford.  Here are some pictures and a sketchy description of the effort.


Today’s segments


At North Greenwich Station, a notice board for the C2C fest (which celebrates the insipid pop music that people have started labeling “Country” because the songs are occasionally sung by people with Southern accents and the lyrics sometimes contain references to dogs, momma, and/or trucks) was dense with text and bereft of information.  Vapid and smug, it is an apt metaphor for that branch of the music industry as well as for the blog you now read (which is written by someone afflicted with a Southern accent and will occasionally write about cats, the hopes that his parents are burning in a Hell that he doesn’t believe exists, and public transportation).


North Greenwich


It is a long slog to the Thames Foot Tunnel, but early morning affords a chance to admire the Cutty Sark before tourists (other tourists, that is) start milling around reading shit on their phones.



The news crawler adjacent to Canary Wharf Station is a personal favourite feature of this bleak part of town:


Canary Wharf


And, now the Jubilee Line has fallen.



From there, the Docklands Light Rail received attention.  I could have run toward Lewisham but wanted to save it for an afternoon jog; so, my next target was West India Quay Station:




West India Quay


Like the area around Cutty Sark, this bit is usually crawling — inexplicably — with tourists and further polluted with bankers and other suits.  You might otherwise forget that the quays constitute a working port, as well.



There was a scary, temporary stairs and foot bridge made of scaffolding yielding access to Poplar Station.  I probably lost five minutes carefully traversing this rickety structure and almost forgot to shoot the photo once I reached the far side.




Richard Green, “Shipowner and Philanthropist,” sits with his dog in front of the recently refurbished Poplar Public Baths.  The link says that the dog is missing an ear because a boy climbing on the statue got stuck and the ear needed to be cut away to free him.  This is hard to understand: there is only one of this statue and, from casual observation, this neighbourhood is infested with children.  Why not leave him there for the gulls and other carrion eaters … and as a cautionary example to the others?



All Saints is yet another blight on the blighted landscape:


All Saints


These pop up around here all too frequently.  The stairwell is not attached to any structure nearby:



A workmanlike section followed with Langdon Park, Devons Road, Bow Church, and the wonderfully named Pudding Mill Lane stations ticked off the list:


Langdon Park

Devons Road

Bow Church

Pudding Mill Lane


Despite footpath closures, I found my way to the Goldengrove (write-up soon) and the diversion delayed my arrival there until just past 9 (so the bar was open).  I then doubled back down to Stratford Station completing this trip with a stop at a hotdog stand for The Daily Sandwich (yes, that is still on): fried egg, two rashers of bacon, a Cumberland sausage, fried onions, and chilli sauce.





The system map is down to about 4 miles worth of trail:



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