Canary Wharf to Lewisham, Final Section of the TfL Run Project   2 comments


I had the day off awaiting a parcel delivery for which I paid a bit extra to have delivered between 9 and 1 (it arrived at 1:45).  Still, the real quarry on this day’s hunt would be across town on the final section of the glorious TfL Run Project and getting a late start, while annoying, could have been worse.  For instance, I could be attempting it whilst recovering from pummeling my right ball for the better part of an hour a few days earlier…oh…erm…HANG ON….



I pulled myself together and headed out, arriving at Canary Wharf at 3 pm and tucking in to the effort straight away.  The stations are closely spaced near this financial district and Heron Quays, South Quay, and Crossharbour fell in about a mile’s worth of jogging.  Mudchute — long one of my favourite station names — turned up only slightly further on.


Canary Wharf DLR

Heron Quays

South Quay




Cutting through Mudchute Park and Milwall Park, the last of the Isle of Dogs stations, Island Gardens, appeared with its unsympathetic architecture:


Island Gardens


This is the third time in as many weeks I’ve covered the span between Island Gardens and Cutty Sark Stations (see Thames Foot Tunnel section of the Westferry to New Cross Run but also represented in the subsequent North Greenwich to Stratford Run).  In fact, several other segments of the DLR could have been ticked off earlier in the project on one of those earlier runs save that they were focused on the Jubilee line which doesn’t overlap (despite the pedestrian pathways to cover those Jubilee segments overlapping the rail pathways of the DLR).

More closely spaced stations followed the Tunnel, with Cutty Sark, Greenwich, and Deptford Bridge next up:


Cutty Sark

Greenwich DLR

Deptford Bridge


Here, I nipped into the Bird’s Nest for a nip and some nostalgia (the place was like every music bar I frequented in the late 70s and early 80s).  Despite my early delays, I suddenly realised that it was a gorgeous day out, about 16°C, and there were about 2 hours to kill before either sunset or my last train home to outrun the wife.  I settled into the final two stations and cast my eye on the lovely neighbourhoods down this way.  Elverson Road Station, the penultimate, followed a stretch of parkland and sits adjacent to some very nice terraces:


Elverson Road

I followed some bike paths and found myself in a dead-end car park surrounded by flats.  Emerging from here, I turned away from Lewisham Station for a final TfL Run Project beer at the Rising Sun (write-up soon), before heading home as the temperature started falling with the setting sun.  There was snow overnight, but this positively Spring-like day was a spectacular finish to this effort.



The completed Docklands Light Rail map is here:




And, here is the final map, 124 days after the “Day Zero” map.  The retrospective post of the project has an animated version, if you are interested.



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