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Pub #2075:

I had to choose at a crossroad between another pub and the Masons Arms.  I doubted that I would find myself in this bit of Oxfordshire again and opted for this one mainly because it was directly in line with a continuing path to COTW and the Rose and Crown in Shilton.  Fortunately, the pub was easily worthy a journey on its own merits.



It was still lunchtime, albeit at the late end of it, and the upper bar was like God’s waiting room, full of pensioners that probably remember the hangovers they had on VE Day Plus One.  I had met, in the two ships in the night sense of the word, a half-dozen joggers along the path to here but I was easily the least formally dressed person here so I stayed near the fire and watched some of a Cricket World Cup Qualifier with a 6 Nations themed ale.

Quite an informal pub, it has all the ‘house’ aspects of Public House right down to the personal effects in the garden.  Quite nice.





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