Rose and Crown, Shilton, Oxfordshire   2 comments


Pub #2076:

“I had a Daimler,” said the man picking up drinks for himself and his wife. The conversation with the dead ringer for Prince Philip, had obviously already been going on for a while at the Rose & Crown‘s rail.

“You don’t see many Daimler Conquests, any more.”
“It got smashed to bits by a motorcycle.”
“I am terribly sorry,” the Duke of Edinburgh’s doppelgänger commiserated with believable grief.
“My son took it a few years later to restore but I haven’t seen it since.”



Wayne and Waynetta wandered in. “Alright, Michael?”  So, his name is Mike; the absolutely potty lord of the manor greeted them heartily by grasping Waynetta by the shoulders with a pinky ringed hand and refocusing his attentions, allowing the classic car owner a window of escape.

Somehow, I became embroiled in a discussion of the recent weather with (I am reasonably sure) the landlady, although she lives on the far side of the county in Thame. The snows stranded her in Shilton; “I can think of worse fates,” I pointed out, looking out to the stream and pump across the road.

“Yes, it is lovely here, isn’t it?” Indeed, and the pub is absolutely marvelous and well deserving of the repeated inclusions in the Good Beer Guide for the hospitality, alone (although the ale is spectacular, too).




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