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Starting a run at Brixton always suggests music and today’s earworm made me consider the effects of inflation on independent business transactions I witnessed there. “Twenty-six dollars in my hand,” must have been an outrageous sum at some point in time not too much earlier than when I entered the market; but, I still remember the days you could buy an ounce of weed for $60.




I linger in the square as long as it takes to hum through the song a couple of times and to exchange pleasantries with an acquaintance. The clock tower angels capture my attention in one direction:



And, the African/Caribbean War Memorial in the other.




Before jogging south and east, I spotted posters for the London International Ska Festival and exhibits worthy of another trip down here. With no real destination other than to find a pub and a rail station after an hour of exploration, I headed to Brockwell Park where a dog chased a magpie who then swept down and chased the dog. I’m sure there was a metaphor there.




This mural on the side of Oakfield Preparatory School was sparkly and mesmerised me for a while:




Then, an unusual postbox — at least, a variety I haven’t previously encountered — emerged.





I had a brief stop under a railway bridge at Tulse Hill:




Another old railway bridge acts as a pedestrian flyover, now:




The area is heavily gentrified and there is a dearth of pubs. I eventually settled on the Cambria (write-up soon) but that is the problem with map-free touring of a newly yuppified district. At least the pub was near a station and one of the bridges to the station was well decorated beneath.





But, it was a lousy station which only served trains to Luton (at least that was the case on Sunday). There were stops on the line that worked for me, but I was stranded 20 minutes on the platform waiting on the next one.


A gospel choir was belting out tunes in one building (below) and there was enough alternative scenery (such as above) to keep me occupied but overall I would call this end to the run minimally entertaining. Better — or any — planning is warranted, next time….





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