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Pub #2085:

Wet and cold despite (or, because of) the run, I slipped into the Phoenix realising that a blister on my large toe had developed and was probably going to be crippling.  “It’s not as bad as all that,” spake the young man on my side of the bar.

He was right, at least about the obvious look of concern I must have had on my face, and I made my excuses for being very self-centred and for bringing down the general air of jollity.  Somehow, we got into a conversation about Cambridge v Oxford as a destination to visit or reside (a sort of Fuck-Marry-Kill for academic towns once I mentioned my attempts to join the staff at Birmingham).  He lived in Cambridge while his woman was on a course there and really prefers it of the two ancient Uni’s.

“Yes, Cambridge is prettier but the people are much worse.”

“So, everyone in Oxford is nice?”

“No, total bastards but still friendlier than Cambridge.”  I had to qualify the answer as the Fennies I met were outstanding people, a topic we just started as I got close to the bottom of the beer.

“Can I get you another?” he offered.  We had already established that the too-long run was planned to continue on to Feltham where I would catch a train, and I regretfully begged off this kind offer. “Best thing you can do in Feltham,” he cattily commented — so, he doesn’t like every place he’s visited.  “Let me see your map, there,” and with that, he pointed out another pub near Sunbury Station.  “That’s a good ‘un,” he assured me and I had no reason to doubt him, yet.  I hobbled out into the drizzle and immediately ran the wrong direction, tapping on the window a few minutes later when I corrected my trajectory.





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