The Chequers, Amersham, Buckinghamshire   Leave a comment

Pub #2089:

It wasn’t raining hard nor was I running especially vigorously, but I was sweating like a pig.  A long, steep hill lay between me and Amersham Station and my 2nd pub stop yielded none but liquid and spiritual sustenance.  Just beyond my turn up the incline lay my last hope, the Chequers.  I went in and found the house packed for the Liverpool v Man City Champions League match.

I ordered a hamburger and took up residence near some old timers complaining about gender labeling.  They take the binary side of the argument over multiple genders while I still think gender is a continuum and that the term gender has been mis-appropriated by too many people when they actually mean “sex” (especially when the question of which gender is limited to male or female as the answer).  Without getting into quantum arguments or anything like Schrödinger’s Cock (you know, until you open the panties it could be hard or soft or even nonexistent), there’s really no point in continuing the discussion.  One stupid argument always begets another (which is one of my favourite things about pubs), but I wasn’t really in the mood and, instead, just eavesdropped till my platter arrived.




An Indian fellow appeared in the door with three young boys (guessing between the ages of 8 and 11).  They squeezed into a table with an old couple next to my little dining area and, as the jackets were peeled away, they emerged as Liverpool supporters.  Exciting for them, I reckon, especially since the match ended 3-0 in their favour; but, not 5 miles away from Watford I was reminded of the advice — given to a young, southern lad — that I once heard in a country pub in Oxfordshire.

The Chequers is haunted.  I saw no sign of this save for the three old and oversized spectres worrying that a tranny wants to slide a sausage in their fat arses but there are websites describing the ghost (here, here, and here) if you are interested.




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