The Elephant & Castle, Amersham, Buckinghamshire   1 comment


Pub #2088:

Out the north end of the High Street, I found some more pubs (Amersham is blessed) and decided to give the Elephant & Castle a go.  An excellent and seemingly ancient old pub — although I don’t think it is so old that THE Christ scratched his name into the bar.  Maybe it was some attempt at branding a product like “Christ-MAX, for those really unforgiveable transgressions,” or some plaintive request to a deaf midget named Max.



I was still hungry and now at my turnaround point for the jog so I reached for the clipboard holding the menus in my comfy little snug (across from “Christ, Max”).  The notched block of wood the clipboard was fitted in fell from the ledge and bounced loudly first on the table, then a bench, then the floor.  I turned to see all eyes looking my way and lamely pointed to the menu; “nothing to see here, folks,” a barfly added as I slowly retrieved the menu stand.  They have pizza from a wood fired oven but I decided to finish up my cider and move on toward the station.  Merry Christmax to all!




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