The King’s Arms, Amersham, Buckinghamshire   1 comment


Pub #2087:

I got a very dark beer at the King’s Arms and took up a seat in the window to do it some damage.  I was in town to grab a bit of supper on my first full day of bachelor-hood whilst the woman was tending her ailing mom in the States but I was also testing the quality of the blister plasters I was using to allow me to stand upright on the toe-like structure left from the previous day’s insult.

A local kid had pushed past me as I limped in and ordered something with cola in it (tsk) and started a conversation with some others near the bar.  Everyone else seemed grouped impenetrably, as well, and I kept to myself through most of the beer.  Then, I caught wind of one of the youngsters purporting that old, urban myth about a concussion resulting in someone speaking perfect French thereafter.  Some of the boys scoffed.

“It’s true!” I interrupted and all eyes turned toward me, so I continued. “I suffered head trauma in an RTA a few years ago and ever since then I’ve had this ridiculous accent.”  An instant’s pause and one of the guys mimed a rim-shot and said, “buddum-tiiiisssshhh.”  Too bad my glass was empty, but I still had some pre-dinner jogging to do.



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