The Falcon, Clapham Junction, London   3 comments


Pub #2090:

I have lusted after a pint in the Falcon since first spotting it on a trip to London in 2009 but the timing was always bad, one way or t’other.  A short run starting at Clapham Junction Station to test out the healing toe blister provided a grand opportunity.



The interior is gorgeous.  And, why wouldn’t it be?  Designed, as it was, by MC Escher (the artist…I mention this as a matter of disambiguation in the event a DJ is using that name).



I spotted a snug with two tables, one unoccupied.  I slipped in so as not to disturb the resident snoozing under a picture book of antiquities and behind a bottle of wine with half a glass already poured.  During my pint, he occasionally stirred for a cheeky vape and to turn a page.  Somehow, he also inverted the distribution of shiraz such that there was only half a glass remaining in the bottle.



The rest of the bar was much more lively and the after work crowd grew as my beer diminished.  Top notch pub, well deserving of its place on the National Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors as well as a cracking place for a beer (or a drop of wine).




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