The Beehive, New Eltham, London (Saturday Run part 1)   4 comments

Pub #2093:

I had this idea for the run, Saturday, where I would catch the train to Blackheath and do an arc to Bexley Heath only to find, upon inspecting my maps after making the last train transfer at London Bridge, that I had brought the maps for the Sunday run by mistake.  Unwilling to shit all over the sublimely planned run for the day by “zenning” it, I decided to ride to a random station beyond Blackheath and start there.  Here was the plan:

Run strategy: Run generally south for about 15 minutes.
Run generally west for about 15 minutes.
Assess where I am, run 15 minutes to arrive about 15 minutes from public transport.

Pub rules: 1 per 15 minutes.
None before 15 minutes, or quanta of 15 minutes.
After 1 hour, the 15 minute rules can go fuck themselves.


So, there I was, no shit, standing outside Welling Station not at all sure of exactly where I was on the map (which, as I pointed out, I didn’t even have … drugs would normally be suspected).  I ran past a plethora of suitable-to-sublime pubs right up to 14m 30s when, suddenly, I managed to thread the pub-temptation minefield until 30m 46s, earning 2 and a start on a 3rd.  The stop: The Beehive in New Eltham.

I’ve been to friendlier pubs, but it is pretty.  With one pub still in credit and 14:14 to earn another, I drank up quickly and fucked off north and west a bit.





Posted April 9, 2018 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs, Running

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