The Rising Sun, Eltham, London (Saturday Run part 2)   2 comments


Pub #2094:

I arrived at the Rising Sun with just over four minutes until pub #3 would be allowed, but as this was pub #2 or the run — and it looked grand — I felt obliged to take a break here.  “Too family friendly” was my immediate thought as the feral children off to my right literally threw themselves against the bar.  White trash are like that, I reckoned, but as I tried to squeeze by and one of the little fuckers nearly spilt my beer I caught the vacant menace in the eyes of most of the adults.  Ahhhh!  They’re criminals!  That makes a lot more sense.



Some Sting-ish jazz/pop/reggae style music was on the speakers but with the background din all I heard was “if you like piña colladas.”  Crikey, this place gets under your fingernails like bamboo shards.



The stained glass Rorschach test above the bar seems to be a tightly corseted woman or possibly, I should add (this is me staying “woke”) a preoperative trannie with a spectacular boob job and some sort of silicon, lady-junk prosthesis:



On the far side of the bar, the older gents (older than the turds feeding their offspring sugary snacks, at least) all looked like proper mid-level hoodlums.  I seemed to have garnered a bit of their attention and opted not to take any photos that might reveal identities.  On the run to the pub I did, however, snap this shot on the pavement not too far from a bush with half a dozen filled poop bags hanging from it:



The bartender was nice and the pub gorgeous. The music and customers — but, then, they’re linked, aren’t they? — could use a bit of work.




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