Dire South, Lewisham, London (Saturday Run part 4)   1 comment


Pub #2096:

“Porter, please,” I requested whilst pointing with my finger not two inches (that’s 5 cm, modern kids) from the pump clip.  I looked up and he’s filling a glass with lager.  “Nonononono.  Porter,” I repeat, tapping on the clip, this time.  “Poooorrrrrr-tuuuuurrrr.”

“Oh, I thought you said Poretti,” he said while begrudgingly setting the glass of wop-piss aside. Of course you did, you sawed-off little yuppie cocksucker.  That’s one of the sublimely hate-able parts of this area: the unasked-for dickishness of the gentrification class.



I had reached Dirty South from the most recent stop on the day’s runs, the Old Tiger’s Head, similarly cursed by hipsters but at least there they are LOCAL hipsters.  But, it’s a kid’s bar albeit one that trades on what it sees as its place in music history (if the web site is anything to judge by).  Embarrassing to witness.  Have some dignity.


The run, itself, is pretty nice in this area, despite the well-heeled young families moving in.  I noticed, out the window, a problem for those buying into the buurt:



The keystones above the windows are only partly devices imparting structural stability.  They are also porous and meant to assist in regulating the interior humidity (especially in the wall cavities).  Those that you see that have been painted over are now decorative invitations to rising damp and toxic and structurally damaging moulds, mildews, and — in some lucky houses — mushrooms.  But, the yuppie scum will eventually return the area to a ghetto and go off to fuck up another neighbourhood.



Oh, and I had my third tiger encounter of the run on this segment:




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