The Watch House, Lewisham, London (& final bits of Saturday Run)   Leave a comment

Pub #2097:

I wrote some notes on my (wrong) map here at the Watch House, pub invoking the “After 1 hour” rule arbitrarily laid down in the first segment entry of the run.  Here they are:

“Too many hipsters even in a lewisham wetherspoons”

“Bitch stole my table”

“Pulled beef and blue cheese, not Stilton … Lancaster red”

Here’s how I remember it:



I left the Dire South with food in mind, but none of the takeaways really looked suitable.  Getting farther and farther from Lewisham Station, I made out the street life typically found in front of a Wetherspoons and ducked inside.  This will do, I reckoned, and picked out a decent table to dump my stuff on in sight of the bar where I threaded past elaborate mustaches and skinny jeans (is this a mid-70s gay bar?) to get to the bar.  A privileged and entitled young woman came up to the bar after me but urgently flagged down the bartender as he was heading toward me.  I ordered next and turned to go retrieve my stuff from atop what appeared to be her table.  I stopped there to start writing the note; she cleared her throat and I threw up my index finger then drew it to my lips, “Shhhhh.”   I continued to write about the hipsters then added, “Bitch stole my table,” after it was obvious she had started reading it.



I took up residence at a less auspicious location across from the fake jade statue of a winged kitty.  The Lancaster Red complimented the sandwich, the set and setting, and the entire weird collection of pubs on this run.  Here are the others:

The Beehive in New Elthan and Segment 1 from Welling (pub run rules for the mystery trail)

The Rising Sun in Elthan, Segment 2 (hoodlums and stained glass trannies)

The Old Tiger’s Head in Lee Green, Segment 3 (Old and New Tigers’ Heads and a fat dog)

Dire South in Lewisham, Segment 4 (yuppies destroying Lewisham, one pub and terrace block at a time)




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