Edie’s Hospice   10 comments

“Busy Day?”
“Busy? I just spent four hours burying the cat.”
“Four hours to bury a cat?”
“Yes – it wouldn’t keep still…Wriggling about; howling.”
“Oh – it wasn’t dead, then?”
“No, no – but it’s not at all a well cat, so as we were going away for a fortnight…”.
——from the Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion sketch——

The longer we stay here, the less US stuff we have.  The most recent loss was the kitty that took up residence, half-starved, in our yard in Tucson eleven years ago.

Our little Edie improved quite a bit during his first battery of Prednisolone (10 x 5mg once daily ending 1 April after his diagnosis on 24 March).  It is a steroid that can shrink tumours a bit although they will continue, insidiously, to spread to other organs.  His digestive system seemed to right itself and the explosive diarrhea ceased.  He even played a bit, at least more than anytime in recent weeks.

On 3 April, we returned to the vet.  He still had not recovered any weight but he wasn’t tender anywhere that the vet was certain harboured his affliction.  We continued the steroids at ½ the previous dose with plans to reassess, if he made it, on 24 April.  Later that day, Jackie boarded a plane to the States.  He had a couple of good days on either side of a couple of fairly weak days, but when Jackie returned Tuesday he had a very good, chatty, and playful 24 hours.

But, it may have been too much effort on his part as Wednesday was the last time he took solid food and he was staggering a bit last night.  This morning he was too weak to stand at his water bowl until after sitting under a heater for an hour.  Even then, he was having some trouble swallowing.  He was simply not going to make it another full day.

So, that was it.  Today, Friday the 13th: he got the needle at 16:30 BST.

He’ll never stomp his goose again.  ‘Bye, buddy.  Touch noses with Bobo on the other side.




Posted April 13, 2018 by Drunken Bunny in Obits

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10 responses to “Edie’s Hospice

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  1. I’m ever so sorry to hear this. I’ve been following your blog for years ever since your Cambridge days – don’t laugh – and I know how much your cat means to you and your wife.

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  2. Sorry about your kitty, Dude. Pets are family. And usually they’re family we like, so it’s an actual loss.

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