Beer Rebellion, Gipsy Hill, London   1 comment


Pub #2101:

It wasn’t a great run, but the rain had stopped and the Gipsy Hill rail station was just a few steps from the Colby Arms. As I approached the station, Beer Rebellion caught my eye…and I’ve heard lovely things about the place.



I ordered a Resistance Dark Mild off the board. “I’ve had a mild obsession, myself, lately,” the bartender added, approvingly. The couple of barflies sitting in to the left in this photo were nursing the Gingerbread Stout on offer and spoke very highly of it. To be fair, they were very high and spake thus without object.




They left for a smoke and the big fellow took his glass with him, more as a prop than owt else (he never took a sip whilst standing out there). A couple of friends of theirs arrived from the station and the whole lot of them stopped in to order before — all of them — piling into the loo together. I note this not out of suspicion nor accusation, just as a matter of completion. I mean, I met up with someone earlier in the day, similarly, myself and was stoned off my tits; this is probably why so much unimportant detail crept into these observations.




Speaking of details, the music was quite nice and they were getting remarkable sound out of the little system on the counter (it even plays cassettes! Remember those?). I was also well pleased to see the hooks on the bar and the utilitarian mounts for the beer taps. A wonderful place, this one is.



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  1. Brilliant Little Moment In Time.



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