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Pub #2102:

With recent and ongoing events, I’ve fallen more than a week behind on these stupid write-ups.  Last Thursday, I was dashing to the bus to see if I could keep the kitty alive and comfortable for one more full day (failed, by the way) and spotted the bus at the stop in the distance.  Taking a chance on running for it (wearing heavy, steel-toed work shoes) I got to the door as it was pulling away.  Fuck it, I thought, I can’t outrun this asshole to the next stop (½ mile away) but if anyone is loading a bike I can get there in plenty of time.  I gave it a go.

No one was loading a bike and a puff of exhaust was the only part of the bus I caught.  Parched, I walked a couple of blocks up to the Coconut Tree for a pint of Noble.




Except for some of the wall decorations and the tuppence mural bar (the top spells out “Coconut Tree” in shiny 2p’s), it is indistinguishable from the dreadful Joe Perks (which was far worse than when the same house was known as The Duke, a few years earlier).  Unnoticed in either of the earlier incarnations, the under table coat hook (a necessary-if-not-sufficient sign of a proper bar, even if this one is more of a restaurant, now):



The only customer in the place, I drank up quickly.  Good thing, too, since the next bus arrived only 10 minutes after the previous one (so 5 minutes early).  Nice result, since the bus stops didn’t have time to get fully populated and our ride, unlike the rudely driven one before us, was almost as sparsely populated as the Coconut Tree.



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