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Pub #2016:

I saw Panthers out of the corner of my eye whilst scanning for my turn toward the Tesco in Perivale.  It was hot out and this looked like the kind of place folks that labour for a living would be hitting on the way out to real drinking somewhere else.

It wasn’t precisely that or like precisely anything else I’ve found in a while.  Except for the barmaid, I was the only non-Indian in there and, unlike on a lot of runs this close to the end, I was almost certainly the most sober.  An Indian Premier League match (T20, so it tends to be as sensationally overproduced as most ghastly — and divine — formats of minor league sport in the US) between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.  Everyone had an opinion that they loudly and even physically defended especially against similar (and, what you would think were compatible) opinions posited nearby.

A shot of a pretty girl in the stands elicited a round of sexist catcalls except from one middle-aged and weirdly British guy at the bar who said something racist about her and how they need to take off their dark glasses and look for a woman a few shades paler.  Don’t get me wrong; this was also an Indian guy but you just know he flies a Saint George flag and bitches about immigrants.

I would’ve stayed but didn’t want to sit through the break — the 20th over complete, the teams retired for something akin to halftime.  I had groceries to get, anyway, as much fun as this was. Oh…no pictures inside because I got the feeling some of the denizens probably would have a problem with the only white guy in the place documenting who is there.  It looks like a bar full of drunk sports fans.



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