The Falcon, Woodburn Moor, Buckinghamshire   1 comment


Pub #2109:

A very rural run followed the stop at the Royal Standard of England (see that post for typical roads).  Woodburn Moor, the bucolic little village on the outskirts of both Beaconsfield and High Wycombe, is kind of isolated from those marginally urban centres and the M40 (under which the run took me without molestation by high-speed vehicles like those passing above on the viaducts).  Not a hundred meters after the arched flyover {underpass}, my target, the Falcon, emerged.



I found the bar through the snake pit of rooms built of ancient and very dark timbers.  I put in my order and turned to find an Alaskan Malamute standing there the size of a small apartment building intent and on inspecting my crotch.  I lost my fist in a bale of hair that protected his throat from — if not my grip, then — a probing assessment of what it might take to disable this beast.

I looked up at the old biker on the other end of the leash and offered, “you oughta shear this one in this heat.”

We had a bit of a laugh and chatted a bit about a pub crawl he did in High Wycombe recently; in the interim, a woman approached the bar without either of us noticing until she asked for a pan of water for her dog.

“Yuh gotta dog wif ye?” asked my partner.  “If she’s small, this’un’ll eat ‘er.”

I smacked the husky on the side and touched glasses with him, retreating to the garden.




Oh, right, almost forgot.  I think this is a drag act or, if not, it should be (this is a 90’s USA reference, kids, ask someone middle-aged):




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