The Royal Standard of England, Forty Green, Buckinghamshire   1 comment


Pub #2108:

From the Red Lion, it was an easy jog down to Forty Green.  My map showed the Royal Standard of England there but it didn’t indicate how rudimentary the roads would be.  In fact, besides map coordinates I knew nothing about the place.  Turns out it features in some movies (Hot Fuzz, for instance, so something I’ve actually seen).




It appears to be one of those hostelries that grew, room-by-room, over the centuries although I suspect most of the artefacts (nice touches though they are) date to about 50 years ago with a smattering of items from between the wars.



The landlord is classically rude and took an immediate dislike to my “Tax The Rich” shirt; his first chance to serve me at the rapidly backlogging bar he chose to tut and walk away while on the second opportunity he took the orders of the guy behind me.  He also kind of looked like the dickhead at the Black Horse, mentioned some years ago, now; I wonder….



His staff was attentive and courteous and one of them served me seconds after his bastard boss started trying to move me aside so the party he chose to serve could order a couple of Cokes and a bag of crisps.  I decided to try the garden with my Windsor & Eton Conquerer in hand.



I’ve been to two of the three pubs that claim to be the oldest in Britain (The Old Ferry Boat in Holywell and Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St Albans) but this is a nice technicality to throw in: “The Oldest Free House in England.”  I think you’ll find they were all freehouses in the olden days; the three actually oldest places must all be tied.

Certainly it is a registered property requiring onerous permissioning to do any sort of work on anything mentioned in the case for historic preservation.  That may be why the joints on the old — but not ancient — plumbing were leaking so copiously.



Lesbo couple left just ahead of me.  A kitchen staff member that was European but a darker European — Portuguese, maybe (?) — asked, “So, you are walking?”
“Normally we’d walk home but we left my car here overnight.”
“Last nnnnnniiiiiiiigggghhhhhht?????”  I have no idea why she drug the word ‘night’ out so long but it caused titters all around.
(I didn’t mean “titters” the way you swine think. It means laughing.  #stayingwoke)


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