The Rifle Volunteer, Bushey, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2114:

[Still a week behind on this and subsequent write-ups.  Target to catch up around mid-May, fingers crossed.]

So, yeah.  Couldn’t find a place to piss and, as I have the kidneys of a much older man (which is to say with wonder, an even older man) I hurried along to the Rifle Volunteer.  There were wooded-enough places en route, but I was feeling uncharacteristically civilised on the day and just kept dry with thoughts of the desert until I could get there.



Every pub with a tele was tuned to a big, important football match that I just couldn’t give a toss about; this pub was plastered with large screens, everywhere.  Fortunately, the signal kept crashing out, so the most I had to endure was a few seconds every now and again before an error screen and blessed silence would replace it. I suspect sabotage — something like a signal jammer — from one of the nearby pubs, but would be hard pressed to say which is the most likely.  Well done, though, as this gave me a mostly empty house in which to enjoy my pint of cider.




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