The Red Lion, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2119:

From the front, there’s no indication a pub exists, but I knew from my maps the Red Lion should be close.   Looking over my shoulder to check bearings, there it was: the smallest pub in the village.  Inside, a perfect little room with a couple of small tables and a bar attended by a young woman — young enough that it was tempting to demand identification — made for a perfect, if claustrophobic, ambiance.



Eventually, there were 15 of us crammed in the house along with a couple of very excited dogs.  One black Staffie wiggled his solid mass back and forth so violently he managed to knock over a chair.  “‘Ere.  Give ‘im some o’ that,” suggested his tender whilst passing a box of dog treats my way over some of the other humans.

Friendly place, the way close quarters must be.  I said no more than a few sentences there but more than a couple of the attendees registered disappointment that I opted out of a refill.  But, I had a couple of more miles I wanted to fit in whilst orbiting Chipping Norton and several more pubs to inspect before returning to Oxford.



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