The Last Post, Southend, Essex   2 comments


Pub #2123:

I spent Saturday in Southend-on-Sea, covering 11 miles in the bargain.  First stop, though, would have to be the nearest Wetherspoons, The Last Post, for a low-priced beer.



Unable to get any service at the first bar, I made my way back to the much larger and more crowded — and more efficient — dining area bar.  While standing there, a stranger sidled up and asked me about my beer choice (the mild, below); then, why I didn’t choose either of the ones with taps on either side of this one.  He eventually chose yet another beer and welcomed himself to another stranger’s table at which point they immediately fell into an intense conversation.  This pub used to be a post office but I think it is currently more of a mental hospital.



Hungry, I could have eaten here but I’m at the seaside and really should get something sea-side-y, I thought.  “Time to drink up and get on your bike, mate,” the big postie in the sky seemed to be saying.






Posted May 5, 2018 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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2 responses to “The Last Post, Southend, Essex

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  2. “This pub used to be a post office but I think it is currently more of a mental hospital”
    Great line, I might nick it !


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