The Olde Trout, Southend, Essex   Leave a comment


Pub #2126:

A visit to a seaside town just-out-of-season allows you to inspect the town’s permanent populace before the tourists settle in.  I had noticed this in each of the previous stops but only now, at the Old Trout, mention that there is an inordinately high number of Southeast Asian T-Girls lurking the pubs of Southend.  There’s one under a Staropraman sign, now:



I checked closely that I was using the right loo, but was reassured by the saucy postcards on the toilet walls.



Combining these two observances, I am reminded of a one-liner a hasher once told me.  “My date said a small penis was nothing to be bothered about, but I still wish she didn’t have one.”

It was now time to return to London.  My work here is done.




Posted May 8, 2018 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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