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Our neighbours upstairs are loud.  They don’t tread the floors, they stomp and when they aren’t stomping they are dragging furniture and a vacuüm cleaner around.  Seriously, the fuckers will Hoover in the morning then come home and do it again at night.  They leave for holiday only after a two day-and-night cleaning frenzy and then don’t unpack, upon their return, until they’ve done it all again.

Well, at least SHE does.  He seems to have rebelled (the Bell-End Rebellion) and this leads to comic one-act-plays where she screams at him for ten minutes then they both somehow manage to walk like they aren’t the only people on Earth.  And, no, this isn’t when they are having make up sex because the membrane between our flats transmits sound quite efficiently and we are both certain they aren’t having sex at all.  Maybe if the got laid now and then…

Anyway, He used to go out to the garden every week or two and do painstakingly detailed edging and vine removal with hand snippers and attention to detail his only tools. Well, technically HE’S a tool, too.  The last time was just before the August Bank Holiday last year.  The photo above was from the early May Bank Holiday a couple of weeks ago.  Dickheads.

Update 25 June 2018: Another neighbour complained and they went out and tidied.  So, the photo above is from 9 months after they stopped tending the yard, the first below is from this past Saturday morning (another month more), and finally the result of them spending Sunday afternoon trimming frantically.

We seem to have acquired a hedgehog taking up residence in ours now the wild growth has been tamed. Hooray!

See…that wasn’t so hard.  Assholes.


Posted May 22, 2018 by Drunken Bunny in Made Me Laugh

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