The Hootananny, Brixton, London   Leave a comment

Pub #2131:

“Where you at?”
The Hoot.”
“I didn’t think they opened until 5.”
“Summer hours…3 on Friday from first of May. Come get a beverage on me, man.”




Eventually, my friend/root doctor showed up and we took up residence at an observation post I’d scouted out earlier, not too directly in the line of sight of the surveillance cameras. Not to be out-paranoid-ed, he took a long draw on the lager and popped his head toward another guy sitting outside; “he’s SOME kind of cop, I bet you.” We changed topics to crack heads (several of whom dropped by to chat in a crack-head-sort-of-way) and holiday destinations in the Med and North Africa.

A plumber friend showed up, not at all discretely smoking some herbal mixture you can readily find in the neighbourhood. “What’s up with the policeman down there? He looks lonely.” I still didn’t see what it was that they saw in him. A couple of rounds later and he was still nursing the half pint and I began to believe they were right but it was past time to head home for the night.





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