The Market Porter, Borough, London   1 comment


“I woke up this morning and got myself a beer.”  (sung by some dead American in Paris; and, technically the bartender got me a beer)

Pub #2133:

I had the day off and, with my tenure in London growing shorter by the minute, I decided to indulge in one of the many distinct pleasures that Borough Market has to offer.  In this instance, it was the early doors at the Market Porter, a pub that opens at 6 am for the market traders to be able to get in a pint before the day begins.



Not that there were many market traders crowded in (about half the stalls are vendors of one sort or another of street- or ready-to-eat-food and, as such, would arrive with the tourists to whom they cater).  There was a large table of drunken Brummies apparently still in town from the Bank Holiday and who I believe had not been back to their hotel rooms at all last night.  Well done!



Time moves on and last call for the early beer is at 8:30 (drink up by 9).  I was under a little more pressure as the low tide was at 9:30 and, therefore, my window of opportunity for beach-combing along the Thames opened around 7:30 …

“No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn.”  (that dead Yank, again).



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