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Pub #2138:

I left the pub (that was supposed to open at 10) still waiting for the doors to open at 10 after 10, and walked 25 minutes to the Great Eastern which is supposed to open at 10:30.  “Are you open, yet?” I asked the bartender who was smoking in the doorway with a guy in a high vis vest.  She nodded and started to put down the ciggy; “no, no, take your time…I’m going to have a wee look around, first.”  They thanked me and returned to the chat.

There were already several punters in the pub having breakfast-like meals.  Turns out, this is also a hostel and bleary-eyed youths emerged regularly from (and scuttled off back into) a door leading to the residents’ areas.



I returned to the bar and asked for an Old Rosie cider.  “Nice start to the morning,” she intoned with an almost cartoonishly eastern european accent.

“Yeah…’start,'” I laughed.

“Would you like a receipt?”

“No, no thank you.  I don’t really want any record of this behaviour.”  The irony that this is now enshrined on the interwebs (and will be seen and reviewed, eventually, by literally tens of people and dozens of data mining robots) is not lost on me.




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