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[NOTE: There is yet ANOTHER continuation of this concept available at EBPC3.wordpress.com … go check it out, too.]

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This blog is a continuation of The Endless British Pub Crawl, which remains archived for your pleasure with info on the first 1292 pubs I had pints in over my first 6 years in England.  The pub map combines all pubs from that site with all here, so if you search for the write-up you might have to bounce between the two…sorry about that.

The Endless British Pub Crawl started partly as a joke and partly as a way to upload pictures and tales to friends back home in the United States.  It was never expected to last even a year but as it approached its 6th anniversary the quota for photographic material started to fill.  Your author was left with a choice of continuity (that is, paying $20 USD per year for more storage space) or pragmatism.  You have landed on the pragmatic option.

Over the first 6 years, the original blog has changed a little but not enough to mention.  This one will strive to uphold those high standards developed from hard experience and dedication to the core subject matter:

British Pubs,
Becoming British (or Brit-ish — a job completed 14 September 2016),
Occasional social/political commentary, and
Adolescent humour far beneath someone of my advanced years and professional standing.

So, let us be upstanding and raise our glasses to the continuation of this vile and stupid effort.  The Endless British Pub Crawl is dead; long live the Endless British Pub Crawl (continues).

Posted November 2, 2014 by Drunken Bunny

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  2. Very nice idea for a blog. I’m truly enjoying this. Keep it up!


  3. Oh mate… I’ve got an idea. Some time ago we posted a list with the oldest pubs and bars in Europe. Of course a lot of them are in the UK and Ireland. I’m sure you have written about some of them, so if you can send me some links, I’ll post them on our site. Could be some good exposure for your posts and we love to inform our audience too.

    Page of the U1600 Tour: http://lordsofthedrinks.com/u1600-tour/


  4. Hi. A friend of mine picked up a card on Steventon Green, Abingdon, Oxford, on the football club area on Sunday were you there?


  5. Hi – Love your site though will take some time to work my way through your tourism and pubs stuff..

    I do a blog about my beery travels, and have copied your photo of the Ship in Cambridge for it (with acknowledgement). We may well be the only two people to have visited it !

    Hope that’s ok.


  6. Hi Drunken Bunny,

    Loving this idea for a blog – it’s awesome! And you’ve got through an impressive amount of pubs… I salute you.

    This might be a long shot, but me and the boys are planning a pub crawl in Canterbury this Saturday (26th August 2017), and were wondering if you have any recommendations for your top 5 ‘MUST GO’ pubs in Canterbury? You’re clearly the expert and we’re but mere mortals. Any advice/tips/drunken slurs would be really useful and appreciated.

    We’re all from London, and heading to Canterbury for the full day and hoping to fit in as many pubs as possible (hopefully around about 1% of all of the pubs you’ve been to so far).

    Over and out,


    • I’ve only been to 3 there and it was donkey’s years ago. All on St Dunstan’s which is probably a good starting point. The Rose and Crown fed us well and seemed like it might get rowdy late evenings (a good start or finish, there). The Unicorn was a proper ale house and about as local as you can get (to be fair, they all were). The Bishop’s Finger was very nice. The Falstaff Hotel, where we stayed, had an attractive but small bar (the building is worth a visit, though); we were drinking whiskey on our own in the courtyard, though, and never tried the facilities.


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