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Louisville Mules.  Essentially, they are just a Moscow Mule (2 shots of vodka, 1 of fresh lime juice, lots of ice, topped with ginger ale) with some mint leaves crushed in the bottom of the glass (the plague of mint continues).


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The Oddfellows, Watford, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2145:

We went to Watford for some shopping and, while a moderately successful trip, the cattle that roam malls for pleasure impose a high level of stress on sentient beings (such as, I may incorrectly assume, ourselves) that are compelled only to minimally restock the wardrobe. That done, we opted to take the longer walk to Watford Station for the return trip in the hopes of avoiding more of the big moos that would, almost certainly, use Watford High Street Station.

It was hot out as we made the turn about halfway to our stop and I spotted the Oddfellows. “Buy me a beverage?” I asked and, with a little negotiation, Jackie agreed.

We entered the cramped bar to the right and noted that an adjacent room had small children in it.  “Gadzooks! Avoid that,” I tried to convey with broadly comic eye raises but the bar itself was too crowded in this heat. We found another, to the left as you enter, and were left mainly to ourselves but under the watchful eyes of our predecessors opposite.


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This weekend I have been mostly drinking …   1 comment


Mint Juleps.  Jim Beam was on sale so I’m using it to eradicate this bumper crop of mint.  Needs must.

Mine is a Philistine’s mint julep.  Use a Collins shaker and pour 4 shots of bourbon on top of 1 shot of agave syrup (or a simple syrup or, even, 4 spoonfuls of confectioners’ sugar).  Pack in a healthy amount of crushed ice (from about 4 ice cubes).  Seat the steel side and shake the living shit out of it … especially if you went the powdered sugar route.  When either the metal gets frosty or the ice is melted (we’ve returned to the heat wave conditions of last month), pour it over some — or a lot of — freshly plucked mint.*


*From my copy of Mr Boston Bartender’s Guide entry on the Mint Julep:

“Follow this advice from Frances Parkinson Keyes: ‘Never insult a decent woman, never bring a horse into the house, and never crush the mint in a julep.'”

I have been guilty of all three, but not in a long time.

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The Fire Station, Waterloo, London   Leave a comment


Pub #2144:

The Fire Station is absolutely dreadful EXCEPT

  1. it is essentially an airport (airport) bar out on the street in front of an international rail station, and
  2. the street scenes are tremendous … get a seat by the road.

On the other hand, don’t bother.  There are better places nearer the entrance to Waterloo Station.



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Not only Martin Mull (wearing my cousin’s baseball uniform, seen above, from Macon Central HS not far from Capricorn Records Studios), but a host of oddball records I got in the 70’s (everyone needs at least one Johnny Puleo and the Harmonica Gang disc in their collection).  Anyway, here’s a favourite track from “No Hits;” I give you Jesus Is Easy:



Probably no need to explain the “This Week I Have Been Mostly…” thread to Brits, here is the origin story of that one:




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This Week I Have Been Mostly Reading …   Leave a comment


I don’t have many people at work I consider friends and one of them left the labs for good, yesterday, frustrated by the nonsense in the University, the Department, the lab and his research group.  He lasted nearly 2 years before The Great Funk (not the good kind, either) set in.  The brightest burn out the quickest (while a dim bulb like meself carries on toward the 10 year mark).  We didn’t have many conversations but every one of them was engrossing, intense, and completely free range (not free ranging, but free range, like chickens pecking at the soil).  During one of these, an offhand comment about acid during a longer discussion of one of my frequent head injuries (the one where I was struck by a falling tree whilst running in a snowstorm near Athens, Georgia) stuck with him; not a tripper himself but open to it, he applied his freakish eidetic memory to a choice of parting gifts and presented me with Michael Pollan’s How To Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics.  I am touched by this unusually thoughtful gift and I hope he knows how much I will cherish it (not least because I was going to buy it for myself when it comes out in a trades/paper edition).

I have also been reading my twit feed fairly regularly and recently added Existential Comics to list of followed accounts.  This is a recent one, typical of the genre:



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“On The One” Brolly Stand, Ruislip, Middlesex 21 July 2018


Total for July: 0 miles but trying to live life On The One, regardless.  Only four new pubs added to the list, but we revisited some cracking old pubs in my convalescence.

As of this post, the longest run I’ve done since 02 June is down a rail platform, two sets of stairs separated by the tunnel at Harrow-on-the-Hill Station (and the tunnel) and partway down another platform (maybe 100 meters all in).  Physical therapy continues, now 8½ weeks into at least 13 (and possibly 26) of weights and yoga.  Still in pain, but much more bendy.



So, I am moving around slow enough to notice different things (like the Bootsy Collins Boot-shaped Umbrella Stand) than when I was running 40-50 miles per week prior to crippling myself.  For instance, this is not the 2nd sighting of the Red Shorts Blue Shirt phenomenon (nor even was the first mention of it in this diary amongst the first 10).  But, now I see it everywhere.



Granted, some things were only noticed after a prolonged and complete stop.  One day, my bus to work came to a halt here:



Listening to some podcasts from news outlets in the States (da fuck is wrong with your government, kids?), concentrating on some ligament stretches the cramped bus seating allows, and studying the scene out my window, the scene, below, flashed at varying pace and intensity until it dissolved away and I found myself studying a similar landscape near Dahlonega, GA for a few moments.  A lorry zoomed past and rocked the bus and me back to my documentable location and I noticed there actually was a strobe light in my field of view:



Varying from 90 to 160 flashes per second (faster than which it blurs to a mostly continuous glare), the polished fins on this vent pipe reflected the sun for an instant as it past by.  The fins are twisted slightly and as the morning progressed, the flash point creeped downward .  I’m so fucking bored, not running and all, that this was one of the highlights of the month:


So much so that I didn’t even bother to get a decent photo of the item.  Kind of like this:



Not hungry when we passed it this weekend, I shortlisted this chippy (for the sign, alone) in West Drayton for a fish lunch on the run if I ever run again:


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