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But, Underneath It All A Man’s a Man Which Does Enjoy His Daily Sandwich   1 comment


HALLO, MATE!  The title of this post comes from the theme song for Alexei Sayle’s Imaginary Sandwich Shop (if you listen, my favourite is the eigth one about his cat — Wilf Mbanga — and Tim Peak: Astronaut Bastard).

In Holland, I got in the habit of eating a lot of sandwiches because it seems the Dutch have a small amount of cheese, bread, and meat at every meal or, at least, at breakfast.  Returning to the States where bread is an indigestible industrial by-product, I got out of the habit, again.  Jackie started us back into it after her temp job in Salzburg (where the local Black Rye should hold a Ministerial post); but, here in Britain we mostly haven’t sought out the better ingredients.  That ended on New Year’s Eve Eve with this bacon and egg sarnie:


bacon and egg sarnie at the start of the run


Returning from the day’s run, I surveyed the fridge bulging with holiday leftovers and stripped a ¼ pound of pork from a slow-cooked carcass, drenched it in hot sauce, and covered this with a large scoop of Vietnamese slaw.  Had to retrieve a fork from the kitchen to finish the bits that fell from the bread (good thing I served it in a bowl).


Pulled pork, hot sauce, and Vietnamese slaw


Tacos are kind of a Mexican sandwich, so they count in this endeavour.  We rounded off Day 1 of the Sandwich Experiment on a platter of haddock tacos with homemade guacamole.  Yum.  Here’s the spreadsheet of Sandwiches-To-Date:



The sandwiches listing inspired the following linguistics thoughts. In particular, PB&J is a staple in the US but not so much here (not in small part due to the foul, brownish spackling grout that passes for Peanut Butter in these isles — seek out some Jif or Skippy, if you can find it). That notwithstanding, I’ve listed mine here using the local dialect as “Peanut Butter & Jam.” What is known here as “Jam,” however, is what Americans call “Jelly” while “Jelly” here is any wobbly, gelatinous offence to the culinary arts involving gelatin such as that brand name item in the States called “Jello.” Americans also have “Jam,” but over here it is usually found labeled as “Conserves,” although sometimes “Conserves” still have enough of the original fruit’s recognisable structure to pass for what Yanks would label, “Preserves.”

So, I found that last paragraph interesting enough to write but still fear it is dangerously close to the sort of trite tome comparing Anglo/American use of words like “Pants.” But, there is still a rich trove of material to be had; for example, did you know that over here they recently started to use the word “Cunt” to describe that thing Americans call “POTUS”?

Back to the food, though.



The two photos, one each above or below this paragraph, were sandwiches I took for lunch at work: another pulled pork with slaw and a meatball hoagie with Fra Diavola sauce I made for some spaghetti.  I could continue, but I think the task of mocking Instagram food-photo uploads is done, already.



Daily was easy, in the end, and I wound up with several sandwich meals most days in January (29 for breakfast, 12 lunch, 2 dinner, and 4 snacks).  Sometimes, like tacos, there are more than one of a particular type (but these only count once for the particular meal).  I’ll update, again, either at failure-to-daily-sandwich or sometime before the end of the year.


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Chigwell Fish Bar, Chigwell, Essex   1 comment

The Chigwell Fish Bar was the third one I’d asked, “how long for a piece of cod?” over the course of the previous 10 miles but, while 7 minutes was the shortest answer so far, I wasn’t prepared to wait (especially for a £7 slice of fish).  I thanked him, anyway, and started to leave.  He waved a fryer utensil toward the display case.

“5 pieces of cod bites and chips for £5, ready now.”  Sold.  These pieces, on aggregate, were as big as a medium piece and quite delicious.  And, the chips were marvelous.  This was everything I would need for the final few miles.  Well, these and a beer….



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Station Fish Bar, West Ham, London   1 comment


This may not have ACTUALLY been as good as it seemed, but I could easily have eaten three of the large portions of cod at the Station Fish Bar.  Tasty and cooked to perfection, I’m sure I’ll give it another try when I’m less biased (and, possibly, less drunk).

I have to get back into the habit of eating during these long runs…after this bit of fat/carb/protein/salts I was like a new man.  Granted, one built in a shoddy factory, but new.



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Charcoal Grill, Hornchurch, Essex   Leave a comment


It’s good when you recognise that you’ve had too much to drink early enough to stanch it with protein, fat and carbs.  Directly across from the Railway Hotel, I did so at the Charcoal Grill with an order of ‘meat and chips,’ smothered in a surprisingly good chilli sauce.


Working on your gut microbiome?


The meat chilled in the cold wind pretty quickly as I walked a bit of my planned route for the day but this batch didn’t seem as greasy as a lot of these I’ve had in the past (and there have been a lot).  Moreover, the chips were divine.  I now felt capable of downing one more beer for the ride home!



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Smarts, Witney, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment


Ah, lunch in Witney at the bus stop, waiting with the old age pensioners and mental patients for a bus toward Oxford, in Autumn, after a long run, and a pint at the Eagle Tavern.  Life doesn’t get much better than this.  And, the fish from Smart’s Takeaway was good, too.  I must be doing something right with my life.


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Crumb’s Sandwich Bar, Abingdon, Oxfordshire   1 comment


Forget that the blurry photo looks like Mr Hanky on chips and onions.  Ignore that it took 15 minutes to cook when my bus was due in 10 (and, blessedly, 6 minutes late).  Dismiss the seemingly exorbitant price.  This was the best hunk of lamb and chips I’ve had in a couple of years.  Thank you, folks at Crumbs (I can’t decide if it is plural or possessive).

Oh, it BECAME Mr Hanky the next morning.



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Tasty Kebab, Kilburn, London   1 comment


What remaining digestive debris was left from preparing for a colonoscopy had been irrigated away during the procedure by the tube the non-fantasy (no fault of their own) medical techs had snaked up my back passage.  Neither the Beefeater pub (aka, the Travellers Rest) nor the Cock — both of which advertise food — were serving solids.  I was pretty desperate.

How desperate?  Tasty Kebab seemed an apt name right down to the last couple of bites at which point I realised it is actually kind of dreadful.  I ate as I walked around Kilburn and, as I was polishing off the last morsels, spotted the Queen’s Arms and dashed in to try to dissolve the layer of grease left behind.



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