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Seal of the President of the United States   Leave a comment

“Then you ask why I don’t live here

Honey, how come you have to ask me that?”

quoth the Bobhead, an actual Nobel Prize winner


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Deuce Bag IPA   Leave a comment

Looks like the summer drinks are here, this one for the DeuceBag in everyone’s life:

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Hillingdon or Hilling-Doom?   Leave a comment


Walking to the bus from the Co-Op with some still warm bread, I found myself before the Centre of Hope (which, after all the head injuries I have had in nearly 6 decades, is hardly surprising).

The overarching Hope would be to be told to turn right as you exit, for that way lies someone in Glamorise that might do something with your post-brain-surgery mop of hair.  To be sent left (your right, as you face the shops), is to be directed to Adell’s Chemist/Clinic next door or, worse, what lies two doors down.

We’re all eventually going two doors to the left, but I think we’d all prefer to look pretty for a while longer.


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Turn to the left, turn to the right…fashion   Leave a comment


This gave me a bit of comfort on my morning commute: two old guys wearing snapback caps on the Tube, one bearing the slogan, “I am King” and the other, “Obey.” Too. Fucking. Awesome.


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The Meadow Next Door   Leave a comment


Our neighbours upstairs are loud.  They don’t tread the floors, they stomp and when they aren’t stomping they are dragging furniture and a vacuüm cleaner around.  Seriously, the fuckers will Hoover in the morning then come home and do it again at night.  They leave for holiday only after a two day-and-night cleaning frenzy and then don’t unpack, upon their return, until they’ve done it all again.

Well, at least SHE does.  He seems to have rebelled (the Bell-End Rebellion) and this leads to comic one-act-plays where she screams at him for ten minutes then they both somehow manage to walk like they aren’t the only people on Earth.  And, no, this isn’t when they are having make up sex because the membrane between our flats transmits sound quite efficiently and we are both certain they aren’t having sex at all.  Maybe if the got laid now and then…

Anyway, He used to go out to the garden every week or two and do painstakingly detailed edging and vine removal with hand snippers and attention to detail his only tools. Well, technically HE’S a tool, too.  The last time was just before the August Bank Holiday last year.  The photo above was from the early May Bank Holiday a couple of weeks ago.  Dickheads.


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Shepherds Bush to Acton Tourism   1 comment


Friday after work run:  Started at the Shepherds Bush stop of the coach from Oxford and moseyed on up to the Queens Tavern.  As I have every other time I’ve tried to go here (this must be the sixth or seventh effort), I checked the opening times and found them to be from noon til 11 or midnight.  As it has been every other time, it was closed.  The website went down since last Friday and the WhatPub entry tells the story: the pub is only open on game days, now.  Shit.

Whilst grinding my teeth over this wasted choice of an urban route over much nicer ones, I noticed the Batman Dental Surgery.  I only hope that if you explore deeper in the estate you’ll find the Black Widow Marriage Counseling offices or the Swamp Thing Garden Centre.




This poor choice of font size resulted in an unfortunate and confusing presentation of the team slogan. It SHOULD, of course, read, “Come On Your Arses.”  Or, maybe it is as simple as bad spacing and should be, “Come On Your’s” (with a troublingly spurious apostrophe).  No one puts the effort into graphic design nor proofreading, anymore:





This Bed & Breakfast, not far from the stadium, is probably out of my price range:





I continued.  The other planned pub stop was also closed, I think.  I decided there wasn’t enough spring in the mattress to assist in clearing the hoarding, and ran on, eventually finding the Wishing Well pub near East Acton station (write-up soon).

I’ve had more (and less) successful runs.  At least it was hot and the start of the Early May Bank Holiday Weekend.



Blast from my desert past   Leave a comment


Ah, nostalgia.  A friend in Tucson sent a link to an old (09 March 2007) article in the Tombstone Epitaph that features a bunch of familiar (to me) names (both hash handles and the names their mothers’ gave ’em).  Good stuff even if the description of hashing presented is not accurate (even some of the specific local traditions get scrambled).

The plunger Meat Grazer is drinking from is The Shit award, given to some egregious offender of hash norms to carry at the next hash.  That’s me with it in the next photo (I think I got it, this time, for signing The Book upside down and on the wrong page — the Huachuca Hash takes the book very seriously).

About ½ of the attendees at this run were either veterans/active duty military and about ½ were academic professionals.  Some of us were both.  Good times…I reckon; I don’t really remember this run.



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