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Let’s Talk About Running   Leave a comment


I’m not close to many people I work with in the labs but most of the support staff are fantastic. I was having a warm beverage with one of the guys from the mechanical workshop and this conversation ensued.

“Did you make any New Year Resolutions?”
“Same two as every year: don’t talk to non-runners about running.”
“Why’s that, then?”
“It would be rude to bore the shit out of them like that.”
“You said there were two.”
“More of a corollary, due to the ethical implications of the first.  I intend not to talk to other runners about running.”

The wry smile told me he gets it.

[I know this diary technically violates both of those rules; but, I can’t stop people from listening to me talking to myself.  The shoe is from today’s jog and has nearly 1100 miles on it and will stay in service until the sole on it or those on the left ones of the twin pair transmit light — probably another 500 miles or so.  The tweet, below, is what everyone should take home about resolutions, running, or anything else that might occur in these pages…I wish I had written it.]



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In the age of Trump, Resist-ance is everywhere   Leave a comment

Whilst digging through a basket in the bathroom closet for some floss, this turned up.  Politics is everywhere these days.  Especially happy that this works on “all skin types;” so, the Oompa-Loompa in the White House is not immune.


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Unfortunate Business Name   1 comment


Not at all interested in what’s going on inside this lorry.  And, it’s not just for the dreadful spelling.

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The Man Cave, Oxford, Oxfordshire   1 comment

Gay bars seem to be closing at a faster rate than other pubs. I guess this is progress — every bar is now a gay bar.

But, despite what we’ve gained by updating to the mid-20th century, we’ve also lost traditional, gay bar names like The Toolbox or The White Swallow.

So, it’s good to see a new place open in Oxford called The Mancave (not too far in theme from “The Manhole”). I’m not too convinced by the barber shop theme (is this some sort of fetish house?), but I’ve seen worse…Christ, I’ve woken up in worse. Best of luck, boys, and godspeed.

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Party On, Wayne   1 comment

Spotted whilst waiting for the bus.  This is why.

Party on, Garth.

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Work loos, stifling innovation   Leave a comment

Following a history of work loo stories (most recent, here), the urinals in the main lobby of our 10-year-old building (the huge cracks in the basement walls that leak copiously during heavy rain despite burial 15 feet below paved surfaces first appeared at least 8 years ago) have been marked “Out Of Order” for all but yesterday of the preceding 6 weeks.


The signage returned this morning.  Insult added to bladder injury came by way of the signs prohibiting an engineering remedy involving the sinks:



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D. H. Lawrence Car Hire, Sudbury   1 comment

Women in Love with cars love our rental deals…they are the judicial definition of ‘obscenity.'”

Spotted this shop in Sudbury on my way home from work.  Looked around a bit but couldn’t find Virginia Woolf Building Contractor (“When one is ready for A Room of One’s Own) or T. S. Eliot Valets (“Whether you need a part-time, temporary, or Eternal Footman, we are at your service”).