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Crocodiles of the World, Unite!   1 comment


I thought the quote was, “Crocodiles of all lands, unite,” but never mind…I appeared to be on the right path.



The afternoon was spectacular and the run no more painful than any of the others the last two weeks of this sciatica flare-up.  A park on the northern outskirts of Carterton (between the Mason’s Arms and the Rose and Crown) seemed sparse save for the oversized horse sculptures.



Shilton, protected by a ford and serviced by a hand pump for water, was peaceful and took my mind off things for a while.  When asked what I run for, today’s jog is illustrative: tourism and therapy.  And, getting out on a lovely day is always a good thing.



Balls   1 comment


I met Victor in the hallway at work.  He asked, “How are you?” He’s Russian, so as a courtesy I tend to answer with something bleak.
“I hurt my testicles.”
“Oh, I am very sorry.” He sounded delighted. “How, if I may ask?”
“I got old.”

This was mostly true. It happened the day before, running. My right thigh kept banging into my nutsack for 6 miles. I’m going to have to invest in underwear with better elastic before my balls reach my knees (at their current rate of descent, that will be mid-summer).

So, yeah, I’ve gotten old without maturing: the NHS webpage screencapped, above, made me giggle.

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Second Best Date Ever   Leave a comment

The blog title for this entry alludes to what still is, far and away, the ideal date mentioned a few years ago.  Still, get yourself one of these and fit a strobe light in your bedroom.

Expect more of my “woke” credentials as the blog progresses.

Super Cux   Leave a comment

The Alt Right infiltration of the grooming industry is a real thing, people. Resist.

“What are we doing today, sir?”
“Give me the Hitler mullet: white supremacy in the front, (Nazi) Party in the Bach.”



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Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool picks 2018   Leave a comment

It’s Celebrity Death Pool Time!  Read about it, here … there are still Funeral Homes to join.

Top Ten DSCDP 2018 Picks as of 30 Jan 2018

John McCain 820
Leah Bracknell 807
George H.W. Bush 770
Linda Nolan 513
Artie Lange 484
Bill Cosby 445
Valerie Harper 441
Jimmy Carter 431
Stan Lee 412
Prince Philip 412

My Picks:


Dan Quayle: who is also a spite pick, and VP for Bush Senior in the “Top Picks,” above


Don McLean: also a “reasonable expectation” pick … saw him in Liverpool a few years ago then again on telly last year, went from looking “a bit rough” to “at Death’s door” in that time.


Jerry Brown: picked Jello Biafra (below) and the Governor popped into my head … he’s come for your uncool niece.


John Lewis: personal hero and formerly my Congressman, but he can’t last forever


Philip Glass: also a spite pick


Piers Morgan: also a spite pick


Sharon Osbourne: go to sleep, Sharon, I’ve got Ozzy in my alternates list


Winnie Mandela


Lady Gaga: also a spite pick


RuPaul: my first trip to the Cove after a cooking shift in Atlanta, RuPaul was dancing on the bar straddling my cocktail for about 10 minutes.  Bartender came over afterwards and asked how I found my drink; “fine, but I prefer it without a straw.”  We laughed and laughed – drugs were involved.



Spite Picks (not already noted):

Chris Christie

Donald Trump


Reasonable Expectation (old or looking ill, see also Don McLean, above):

Bob Dylan



Brian Wilson


Jello Biafra (see above or look here)


Mick Jagger

(note, those four all would get the Musician Bonus … as would Gaga, Glass, and McLean)



Jimmy Carter (who is a not-too-distant relative of mine … really Jimmy Carter, not Dan Aykroyd; see also in the Top Ten Picks, above)


Kevin Spacey


Mel Brooks



Robert Mugabe

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Let’s Talk About Running   Leave a comment


I’m not close to many people I work with in the labs but most of the support staff are fantastic. I was having a warm beverage with one of the guys from the mechanical workshop and this conversation ensued.

“Did you make any New Year Resolutions?”
“Same two as every year: don’t talk to non-runners about running.”
“Why’s that, then?”
“It would be rude to bore the shit out of them like that.”
“You said there were two.”
“More of a corollary, due to the ethical implications of the first.  I intend not to talk to other runners about running.”

The wry smile told me he gets it.

[I know this diary technically violates both of those rules; but, I can’t stop people from listening to me talking to myself.  The shoe is from today’s jog and has nearly 1100 miles on it and will stay in service until the sole on it or those on the left ones of the twin pair transmit light — probably another 500 miles or so.  The tweet, below, is what everyone should take home about resolutions, running, or anything else that might occur in these pages…I wish I had written it.]


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In the age of Trump, Resist-ance is everywhere   Leave a comment

Whilst digging through a basket in the bathroom closet for some floss, this turned up.  Politics is everywhere these days.  Especially happy that this works on “all skin types;” so, the Oompa-Loompa in the White House is not immune.


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