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  1.  The Beasts of Bourbon.  I didn’t know about these guys before Spencer P Jones slipped this mortal coil.  I’m not at all hip, but he was.  Instead, I was perusing the Death Pool to see just how badly I was doing against the other ghouls (currently #41 in my funeral home with the 44 points I got off Winnie Mandela), and he came up as one of the celebs I didn’t know, but should have.  When I saw the band name, I had to have a listen and it turned out to be quite moreish.  Brilliant stuff, including this cover of Psycho by Leon Payne (the Elvis Costello version is aces, too).


2. The Fish Police.  We went to the Smithfield Market 150th Anniversary Sunday and it was rainy and cold and full of children and absolutely dreadful save for the Fish.  We got home cold and wet and miserable and both of us had their tunes stuck in our heads.  Definitely the highlight of the day.



3.  Siddha yoga chanting.  I have this hour stripped to mp3 to go along with a wait for the sacrament to take.  You understand this or you don’t.  It doesn’t have to be Hindu, it could be the Rolling Stones or Louis Prima or Vivaldi.  But, it isn’t…THIS weekend.


4.  Richmond Fontaine‘s “Don’t Skip Out On Me.”  Willy Vlautin, singer/songwriter/ostensibly the leader of this band is rapidly becoming Jackie’s favourite author (and she reads voraciously).  She picked this up at HMV trying to keep her club card points up and it is an absolute delight (entirely acoustic, it is meant to accompany one of his novels called, strangely enough, Don’t Skip Out On Me — as an erstwhile soundtrack.  Good accompaniment to dinner, as well.


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The Fratellis’ “Costello Music,” Greatest Hits disks from The Pretenders and The Jam (all three were thrift store finds), and NPR coverage of the whole Trump/Manafort/Cohen/Giuliani shit storm.  More of the last one than anything else.

On the news coverage, they keep calling Judge TS Ellis, “TS Eliot.” The Wasteland is one of my favourites, but I am reminded more of this one:

“Let us go then, you and me
“To the penitentiary.”
–opening verse of The Swansong of J Donald Trump-frock by TS Ellis

and, further on in the poem:

“In the room the jurors told the court,
We’re convicting Paul Manafort.”

In spite of all that, the earworm I can’t shake is this:


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Not only Martin Mull (wearing my cousin’s baseball uniform, seen above, from Macon Central HS not far from Capricorn Records Studios), but a host of oddball records I got in the 70’s (everyone needs at least one Johnny Puleo and the Harmonica Gang disc in their collection).  Anyway, here’s a favourite track from “No Hits;” I give you Jesus Is Easy:



Probably no need to explain the “This Week I Have Been Mostly…” thread to Brits, here is the origin story of that one:




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Ealing’s Walpole Park hosts a lot of music and arts events and they are dirt cheap for what they offer.  This weekend was the annual Ealing Blues Festival and we each dropped £5 for Sunday tickets.  Three stages, two drinks tents*, and an awful lot of rock & roll bands to kill off a hot, sunny, Summer afternoon.  Sublime.

*I opted for this terminology instead of “two bars” because, at a blues fest you shouldn’t expect anything less than 12-bar.



Only one of the 12 acts we witnessed seem to know what the blues actually is.  Our disappointment was tempered by the passable rock all around.  Most of the acts with women leading the band sounded like Vinegar Joe (blues influenced, not blues), and the others leaned heavily on the Animals, the Who, and the Stones (blues influenced, not blues).



About half the crowd was older than me, the other half almost exclusively families with children.  CHILDREN, for fuck’s sake, and yet they were pretty cool kids.

Next week is the Jazz Festival (same price) and in August there is a Mela (free) nearby in Southall.  If you are visiting London in the summer and just happen to be at loose ends, you could do worse than one of these.

Pro tip: you can each bring in 4 cans of alcoholic beverages or a box of wine into the Walpole Park fests.  Bring a towel or a folding chair…the venue is pretty dusty.


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This Weekend, I Have Been Mostly Listening To…   Leave a comment


Found in a charity shop Saturday and bought for the hashing songs, I only noticed the cover photo after I cleaned the vinyl.  Drugs may have been involved.  Plan is to do a new album each weekend until National Album Day, October 13.

Details: Rugger Ditties, Summit Records, 1965

Suggestion: less piano, more drinking since these are generally sung drunk, a Capella, & outdoors.  Otherwise, a decent enough intro to these indecent tunes.



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Part of a Sign Language Dialect   Leave a comment

My brother-in-law used to raise one leg high and play air flute (I know they are ALL air flutes, but you know what I’m sayin’) behind people to indicate they are thick as a brick.

I always wished that would become “a thing.”  And, it’s fun.

This sprung to mind from an entirely unrelated Twitter exchange I spotted:

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Animal War Memorial Dispensery and Tin Tabernacle   Leave a comment


I looked up for a moment from the bus stop and spotted a massive bronze casting over the doors to a house with “Animals War Memorial Dispensary” painted across its front.  Dashing across the street for a closer look, I also noted these tablets on either side of the doors:



I could see the bus loading one stop before mine and took just a few seconds to record these wonderfully psychedelic posters displayed beside a church adjacent to the Animals Memorial:



It was only after settling into my seat that I realised two of the three were for the Sea Cadets and that the church appeared to be known as the Tin Tabernacle:



Quite interesting.  The building is like a metal barn on the outside but is, in large part, a model of a sea vessel within.  I definitely have to sail back to this one, perhaps for folk night.





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