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Hillingdon or Hilling-Doom?   1 comment


Walking to the bus from the Co-Op with some still warm bread, I found myself before the Centre of Hope (which, after all the head injuries I have had in nearly 6 decades, is hardly surprising).

The overarching Hope would be to be told to turn right as you exit, for that way lies someone in Glamorise that might do something with your post-brain-surgery mop of hair.  To be sent left (your right, as you face the shops), is to be directed to Adell’s Chemist/Clinic next door or, worse, what lies two doors down.

We’re all eventually going two doors to the left, but I think we’d all prefer to look pretty for a while longer.



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Southend-On-Sea, Essex: Sights on a Cold, April Day Out   1 comment


I had no plan.  Jackie’s mom’s funeral would be held in Tennessee later in the day and, upon waking and stretching for a run, I decided to catch the train out to Southend to jog, drink, and think good thoughts about Jackie and her brother and all the aunts, uncles, and cousins donning mourning outfits and heading to the cemetery.  A good plan, I reckoned, for no plan.



Southend Station had some nice details and, paint-job-that’s-overdue-some-touch-up notwithstanding, even the dog shit containers were ornate:



Queen Victoria (or, using her Essex name, “Lefty” Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, as this statue suggests) looks out toward the sea.



Hash House Harrier (I believe it is the Full Moon kennel) markings turned up on the cliffs:



I took a run break and paid for the privilege of walking the pier.



A paddle boarder in the distance worked against the retreating tide, while some lazier pier denizens took the train.




I thought there would be a pub at the end, but it is really just a Life Boats rescue station (although there is a snack bar).



Returning to terra firma, it was time to find a pub.



The cliffs elevator:



The Kurzaal holds a bowling alley:



Seaside arcades in older cinemas line the seaside walk.



Still Life on Victorian Keystones:


So, the mourning run finished after 4 pubs (write-ups are slowly being crafted), some eels, and a plate of seafood pasta.  “What have any of these got to do with one another or the stated intent of this trip,” you ask?  I counter, “it’s Southend…nothing has to work together.”  Case in point.  The billboard for the “Sea Life Adventure” features a meerkat — a relative of the mongoose from the Kalahari Desert and no Sea Life, at all:



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Edie’s Hospice   9 comments

“Busy Day?”
“Busy? I just spent four hours burying the cat.”
“Four hours to bury a cat?”
“Yes – it wouldn’t keep still…Wriggling about; howling.”
“Oh – it wasn’t dead, then?”
“No, no – but it’s not at all a well cat, so as we were going away for a fortnight…”.
——from the Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion sketch——

The longer we stay here, the less US stuff we have.  The most recent loss was the kitty that took up residence, half-starved, in our yard in Tucson eleven years ago.

Our little Edie improved quite a bit during his first battery of Prednisolone (10 x 5mg once daily ending 1 April after his diagnosis on 24 March).  It is a steroid that can shrink tumours a bit although they will continue, insidiously, to spread to other organs.  His digestive system seemed to right itself and the explosive diarrhea ceased.  He even played a bit, at least more than anytime in recent weeks.

On 3 April, we returned to the vet.  He still had not recovered any weight but he wasn’t tender anywhere that the vet was certain harboured his affliction.  We continued the steroids at ½ the previous dose with plans to reassess, if he made it, on 24 April.  Later that day, Jackie boarded a plane to the States.  He had a couple of good days on either side of a couple of fairly weak days, but when Jackie returned Tuesday he had a very good, chatty, and playful 24 hours.

But, it may have been too much effort on his part as Wednesday was the last time he took solid food and he was staggering a bit last night.  This morning he was too weak to stand at his water bowl until after sitting under a heater for an hour.  Even then, he was having some trouble swallowing.  He was simply not going to make it another full day.

So, that was it.  Today, Friday the 13th: he got the needle at 16:30 BST.

He’ll never stomp his goose again.  ‘Bye, buddy.  Touch noses with Bobo on the other side.




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DSCDP #1: Winnie Mandela   1 comment

My first blood on the Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool was Winnie Mandela for 44 points: 19 for age (100-81) plus another 25 for Funeral Home (Chaille Challenge) solo bonus.  This puts me in 9th place in the morgue as of this writing.  Very exciting.

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Ironside, RIP   Leave a comment

Over the last 25 years, I’ve been incredibly lucky to work for — often with — a couple of dozen eminent scientists, able to honestly call most of them friends.  During my short tenure at Cambridge, I never met Stephen Hawking (unsurprisingly), but one of my bosses there who is now what passes for ‘head of research’ at the University told me a couple of amusing stories about him while we were out for a long jog in the fens.

Yesterday was busy at work and it slipped my mind that he finally slipped the coil.  I headed home and, as I passed University College, it took a moment to realise why the College banner was at half mast.

Loads has been in print these past 36 hours about his Pop Culture importance like his appearances on episodes of The Simpsons and Big Bang Theory (among other tele programmes).  People forget about his brief tenure in the early 70’s replacing Raymond Burr while he was in prison for smuggling heroin across the border at Tijuana:

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This is What Happens to Russian Spies Who Talk   Leave a comment

Trump associates, take note.

I’ve got this feeling that the timing and setting of this assassination attempt (perhaps successful, by now) in Salisbury was meant as a message sent to witnesses in the FBI probe.  “We can kill you anywhere, anytime,” is what it tells us, even if you’ve holed up in a bucolic, small city in the Wiltshire countryside; just think how much easier it would be to do in a big town like DC or New York City.  The prospect of a lengthy jail term for obstruction will have to be weighed against this new — yet, somehow nostalgic — Eastern option.

It would help explain Nunberg’s meltdown on the news circuit yesterday.

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Doug Stanhope’s Celebrity Death Pool picks 2018   1 comment

It’s Celebrity Death Pool Time!  Read about it, here … there are still Funeral Homes to join.

Top Ten DSCDP 2018 Picks as of 30 Jan 2018

John McCain 820
Leah Bracknell 807
George H.W. Bush 770
Linda Nolan 513
Artie Lange 484
Bill Cosby 445
Valerie Harper 441
Jimmy Carter 431
Stan Lee 412
Prince Philip 412

My Picks:


Dan Quayle: who is also a spite pick, and VP for Bush Senior in the “Top Picks,” above


Don McLean: also a “reasonable expectation” pick … saw him in Liverpool a few years ago then again on telly last year, went from looking “a bit rough” to “at Death’s door” in that time.


Jerry Brown: picked Jello Biafra (below) and the Governor popped into my head … he’s come for your uncool niece.


John Lewis: personal hero and formerly my Congressman, but he can’t last forever


Philip Glass: also a spite pick


Piers Morgan: also a spite pick


Sharon Osbourne: go to sleep, Sharon, I’ve got Ozzy in my alternates list


DECEASED and scores updated: Winnie Mandela (44 points on 2 April 2018, my first hit)


Lady Gaga: also a spite pick


RuPaul: my first trip to the Cove after a cooking shift in Atlanta, RuPaul was dancing on the bar straddling my cocktail for about 10 minutes.  Bartender came over afterwards and asked how I found my drink; “fine, but I prefer it without a straw.”  We laughed and laughed – drugs were involved.



Spite Picks (not already noted):

Chris Christie

Donald Trump


Reasonable Expectation (old or looking ill, see also Don McLean, above):

Bob Dylan



Brian Wilson


Jello Biafra (see above or look here)


Mick Jagger

(note, those four all would get the Musician Bonus … as would Gaga, Glass, and McLean)



Jimmy Carter (who is a not-too-distant relative of mine … really Jimmy Carter, not Dan Aykroyd; see also in the Top Ten Picks, above)


Kevin Spacey


Mel Brooks



Robert Mugabe

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