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Hitchcock Mosaics at Leytonstone Station   2 comments


Alfred Hitchcock was born in Leytonstone and, as I mentioned in my previous run through here, the Tube station has a bunch of Hitchcock related mosaics in it.  I have nothing more to say about these except to apologize for the ones that are out of focus…I was mid-run, again, but didn’t imagine I would get another chance to collect these (although I’m sure they are all on the web, somewhere).

Here you go.  Enjoy.



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Five Fit Female Medical Professionals Stick Stuff Up My Butt   3 comments


I was wearing a hospital gown over pants with no bottom.  Inside the examination room were 4 medical techs and the endoscopist, all fit and relatively young, British women of a variety of ethnicities.  The plan for the day was for them to push a long device up my bum.  This was not just my imagination (this occurrence).

While not entirely unpleasant, I feel like I should have enjoyed this more … it really seemed less an NHS cancer screening visit and more of the sort of leaving present people imagine are given to departing colleagues from jobs in Amsterdam (trust me: that, too is a misconception).

At 18, I doubt I would’ve been able to contain my joy; but, in my mid-50s I felt like the scene was somehow incomplete.

Life is funny, that way.


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Hull-idiz In’T Sun Part 3: Rivers   Leave a comment

[Note: all the Hull-idiz tourism posts are linked here.]

Hull is a maritime city and while the River Hull is narrow it is deep (and feeds into the massive River Humber and, therefore, into the North Sea).  The waterways pervade this town and occasionally when the tides roll out there are treasures from the deep:

The structure, below, is an emergency tidal surge barrier:

And, this beautiful piece of kit, The Wilmington Bridge (1907), served rail freight lines until the rails were turned to bike and hike trails:


The Spurn is a lightship (light as in beacon, not tonnage).  It would be moored in the Humber as part of a network of buoys, other lightships, and lighthouses to mark a safe route and crewed by 7 sailors whose shifts were 4 hours on/8 hours off for a month on board and a month on buoy maintenance ships.  This one worked from 1927 to 1975 but the earliest ones date back to 1832.



I never found out what the deal is with these two heads on a post on the River Hull side of the Tidal Surge Barrier:



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Radio repair   Leave a comment

Clumsy me knocked the DAB/CD/mp3/radio off the shelf on my way to the shower Friday morning.  The force caused the body to pull out of the face and to get it back in was going to take more than mere prying.  A bigger problem was that only the clock would work anymore (none of the controls for any of the other functions had any effect).  The sound on this little beast is phenomenal and it cost more than I can justify to replace it so the toolbox came out.

Roberts Radio repair explosion pic


It took twenty minutes to dismantle, testing along the way.  Eventually, it turned out only to be a loose plug between the pushbutton PCB and the main control board but it required full dismantling.  It took only 3:30 to get it back together which I felt fairly proud of considering it was 6:30 in the morning and I was still fairly groggy.  Result! And, only missed one bus in the delay.

Roberts Radio repair back together

We’ve been very lucky with household electronics since coming to Britain with the worst cases being foreign-made devices with built-in weak spots, like the Samsung television I fixed not long after the warranty expired.  Here’s to sensible, quality British manufacturing (while some of it still exists — our Chinese overlords will soon set things like this to rights):


Brookes cartoon kowtowing to China


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