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The Florence, Herne Hill, London   Leave a comment


Pub #2153:

“Aw, sorry man.  I’m in Tooting Bec and won’t be back there for an hour.”  I told him that’s cool, I can find something to do for an hour as I was already strolling toward Herne Hill.  I arrived at the Florence about 10 minutes later with all the misgivings one would have after one lousy pub experience after another in the neighbourhood.  But, it LOOKED promising so I set aside all that and wandered in.



I got a lovely beer made on site then synchronised my watch with Brixton time — as you can see, it runs a little behind the others.  Besides, I really didn’t expect 1 hour to be 60 minutes, so when his subsequent call to update me on his journey (“I’m on the bus, so about another 20 minutes”) at the 55 minute mark came I had nursed my beverage down to the last swallow whilst sending out a few social emails.



Regardless, it was a glorious afternoon and the music on the tannoy was better than I hoped.  Finally, a Herne Hill pub visit without fault.



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2017: Year in Review   Leave a comment

Everyone does an End-Of-The-Year retrospective and I almost always do, too (here’s 2016’s review, for example).  Remember, this blog is about pubs and running more than anything else and most of what remains is primarily adolescent humour.  With that caveat, I bring you the Year 2017 In Review:

The Running Year 2017 (painfully detailed post to follow) was only salvaged in the last 1/3 of the year despite an initially strong start.  I started training for the Siracusa Marathon which had been cancelled at the last moment in 2016 and which was again cancelled this year nearly 3 months before it was scheduled to run.  Shit.  However, this left me in pretty good shape for tackling the London Outer Orbital Path mostly in May (while Jackie was Stateside), averaging more than 6½ miles per day and one week over 90 miles.

But, a prolonged respiratory infection hit me the first week of June (lingering for another week and with a relapse mid-July) and a spot of cancer related depression thereafter pushed my weekly mileage down significantly.  I had only managed to hit 1000 miles for the year by mid-August.

Fortuitously, I came into possession of a block of hash and a few very oily buds of home grown pot and, with their help and guidance, rediscovered the joys of hard training with no specific goal.  Well, one specific goal: I decided to try to salvage the annual mileage with a modest 1600 by year’s end, upping that to 1800 as it became clear 1600 was going to fall easily, eventually ending on 2022.  Now, if I hadn’t already blown through the weed I might target some real mileage for 2018.

So, running was all personal this year and that made it a good thing.  No races.  No hashing.  No GHAD.  Just finishing the London A to Z Runs, the London Outer Orbital Path, the Holiday Run Streak, and starting the TfL Run Project with 267 pub stops for the year in the midst of runs (and, 322 total, bringing the grand total to 2038).

Pub details (especially write-ups)

Pubs by month
16   Jan
17   Feb
20   Mar
11   Apr
74   May
12   Jun
19   Jul
23   Aug
30  Sep
28  Oct
40 Nov
32 Dec

Other good write-ups (reverse chronological order under the subheadings):

Favourite Pub visits:

The Woodman, Birmingham (pub #2000)
The Charlie Chaplin, Elephant & Castle (atmosphere)
The Queens, Crouch End (stunning)
The Victoria Tavern, Plaistow (atmosphere)
The Harp, Covent Garden (beer curation)
The Britannia, Plaistow (drunken conversation)
The Land of Liberty, Peace & Plenty, Chorleywood (damn near perfect pub)
The Marquis of Granby, New Cross (weird encounter)
The Old Oak Tree, Southall (whorehouse as revealed at the Lamb, shortly thereafter)
The Pineapple, Lambeth (not a half-bad local this close to Waterloo)
The George, Isle of Dogs (trying to convince a middle-aged guy he’s still fuckable)
The Wattenden Arms, Kenley (surreal art criticism)
The Sir Julian Huxley, Selsdon (foul-mouthed grannies)
The Tiger, Homerton (rare to find a hipster joint so hip)
The Duke’s Head, Crayford (almost too hospitable)
Dive Bar, Hull (they gave me too much change!)
Wm Hawkes, Hull (dark and awesome, despite fucking up my order)
The Rising Sun, Mill Hill (Grade 1 Listed)
Grim’s Dyke Hotel, Harrow & Wealdston (stunning former home of WS Gilbert)
The Queen’s Head, Limehouse (maybe gone by now, but as local as they come anymore)
Ye Olde Greene Manne, Rickmansworth (more encounters with nutters)
The Castle, Holland Park (architecture and hopelessly incompetent staff)
Lavin’s Bar, Hanwell (another psycopath encounter)
The Bull, Iver (for the local day drinkers)
Tap Social, Oxford (awesome microbrewery and tap room)

Other Events:

TfL Run Project (ongoing)
Beaujolais Nouveaux Day
Socialism 2017
Notting Hill Carnival (August Bank Holiday)
Mets vs Capitals Baseball
Nunhead Cemetery
Anti-Tory March and Rally (Not One Day More, July)
My First UK Vote
My Trip To Hull (many good posts)
Shakespeare’s Globe for “Nell Gwynn”
Taping of Have I Got News For You
Anti-Trump Rally at the US Embassy

Food and Feasting, mostly Recipes:

Vodca Sméar Dubh (Blackberry Vodka)
Tom Collins Obit
Feast of St Arnold
Hot Dogs
Treasures From Trumpministan
Yellow Peril Dandelion Wine
Angostura Tinted Martinis
Iron Duke Punch
Limping Lotta’s Banana Muffins
Tafel Spitz (Viennese boiled beef and stuff)
Chateaux La Limace et Le Gaz Hilarant (Drunken Bunny Cabernet)
Tamarinds (also, growing them)
A Week Of Haggis
Lyme Bay Mead (gift from workmates)
Winter Solstice Mead (another Drunken Bunny brewing attempt)
Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Bourbon (gift from a lab visitor)
Best Kebab: Streatham Kebab, Fish and Chips House
Best Fish: The Carp & Trout, Hampton Hill

Previously Unwritten Recipe:

Basil & Grape Cocktail (from a food section article in The Guardian): makes 2 (these were really refreshing at the end of Summer)

Put these in a blender and blitz:
3 shots of good gin (I know, I know … all gin is good gin)
16 chilled green, seedless grapes
12 basil leaves
2 tsp sugar
juice of a lime

Pour into a shaker with ice, shake vigourously, and strain over 6 FROZEN grapes in each of two glasses. Garnish with one more basil leaf in each.  Yummy.


Obits (note, Tom Collins Obit in Food, above):

Robert Blakely, designer of the Fallout Shelter sign
Unnamed Person’s Wake at the Red Lion, Southall
Bill Simonsick (one of the few truly great Americans I have known and loved)
Bruce Langhorne (one of Dylan’s inspirations and dead ringer for my cousin, Chuck)
Lord Snowdon (trivia topic at the Sportsman, Croxley Green)
Tommy McDermot (late of the Old Crown in Hayes)


Best Ludicrous Posts:

Be Careful Of Your Dreams Coming True
Unfortunate Business Name
The Man Cave, Oxford
Party On, Wayne
The D.H. Lawrence Car Hire, Sudbury
A to Z Run W for Women
Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys Tribute
A to Z Run U for Udders
New Cds From Notting Hill Market
Julie’s In The Drugs Squad
A Cancer On The Presidency
D90B (Drunken Bunny version of P90X)
NOT a Fetish Bar
Post to President Bannon
Trumpageddon…Inauguration Day

What an absolute bastard year.



Baseball, Hot Dogs, and Beer (Memorial Day Weekend)   2 comments

Fat kids,
Skinny kids,
Kids who climb on rocks,

Tough kids,
Sissy kids,
Even kids with chicken pox.

Love hot dogs,
Armour hot dogs.
The dogs kids love to bite.  (from a long running Armour Hot Dogs commercial with lyrics that could never be aired today)

We don’t have Memorial Day in England, but the last Monday of May is a Bank Holiday so we consider it the equivalent at the house.  The Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968 moved Memorial Day from May 30 (regardless the day of the week) to the last Monday in May.  I still find this a travesty and something implemented for the sake of industrial convenience over tradition.  By the time we returned to the States from Australia in 1974, Georgia had adopted this as well so the holiday no longer fell on my birthday but on the 27th of May that year.



It was 2 months to the day until the House Judiciary Committee passed the first of three articles of impeachment.  The White House had been stonewalling the independent prosecutor and the Congressional investigations and trying hard to rewrite the narrative of its high crimes and misdemeanours.  I had been reading the transcripts of the White House secret recordings since they had been published in April and would most likely have had my copy open next to the pond to read between dips.  Does any of this sound familiar?



I don’t know specifically how I spent that Memorial Day but I know I didn’t start smoking pot until the 4th of July that year so I probably just sneaked a few beers from the folks’ bottomless stash and listened to some baseball on the radio (WSB, Home of the Braves with your host Skip Carey, and the Braves, uncharacteristically, won 9-1 over the Phillies).  Inevitably there would be a cookout with ribs, burgers, and of course hot dogs.

We don’t have proper hot dogs here, either, but at least I found some that aren’t in a can (yes, Americans, tinned wieners!).  We set up our network speaker to stream the previous night’s Cubs/Dodgers game which the Cubs, uncharacteristically, lost 4-0.  Everything, as far as we could do it, was like it was in 1974.

Come on Judiciary Committee.  You can do it!


Tap Social, Oxford   4 comments


One of the problems with sharing strong opinions with the world is that someone who has some affiliation with the object of your passion may take the opinion as an affront.  It would probably sting less if the editorial commentary was delivered with a bit less smarmy tone, but the very few people who read this would be disappointed if it wasn’t there (especially in response to something like this).   Among the small readership, I usually get publicans and other business proprietors/proprietresses for an entry or two after they find out that their venue has appeared here.  Believe me,  my opinion holds no more sway here than it does at work (where the fuckers should actually listen to me).



So, if I gave the Tap Social a bad review it might actually be better for them than what I am about to lay down more concisely than that cryptic lead paragraph.  Better still are the ones about places that made so little impression on me that I just make shit up.  I can’t do that here.  The house is flawless.  Go there the next time they are open and you’ll probably make regular stops from then on (check the website…they are open tonight, and then again on the 27th and 28th of January 2017 with future dates pending).



Now, it’s not a pub, per se … yet.  It doesn’t even have regular opening days, much less regular opening hours.  It is so open-plan that the warehouse blends into the 1000 liter brewery (yeah, it is a microbrewery, as well), and those are only distinguishable from the pubby area by a large carpet rolled out in front of the rudimentary bar.




Their product is especially grand, too.  I was met at the door by the Head Brewer who enthusiastically described the set-up and the core beers that were on offer.  I got a flight of one-third pints (only the single pint, total, as this was roughly the mid-point of a 7½ mile run and I needed to get back to check on something in the lab before heading home) that included the oatmeal stout and the two sour ales — I would recommend all of them but do the Bleeding Heart Numbskull last as it overpowers everything in its path.






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Hop & Vine, Ruislip, Middlesex   4 comments



My second micropub in a row (see the Beer Asylum from Friday night), the Hop & Vine opened Saturday night and I finally made my way over Sunday for a lunchtime pint of porter.  The atmosphere is industrial but the Hop Inn (Swindon) made it work so well that it has been district CAMRA pub of the year several times in the 3 or 4 years it’s been open and there’s no reason this one can’t do likewise, here.




The ales are gravity fed but the taproom is visible across the bar.  They have several gins and a large variety of bottled beers.  I’m especially interested in the 2L refillable growler for takeaway purposes (although, I have to smirk whenever someone here uses the term “growler” in the American context knowing all to well what the vernacular definition is).

The couple that run the joint are still excited and friendly so it might be good to catch them before they get surly and rude.  I, along with 1000’s of others, supported their license with the Hillingdon Borough Council and now it is time for us to support them with regular custom.





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Beer Asylum, Pinner, Middlesex   4 comments



Friday night, I went to Pinner to see if I could round out my candidates for the remaining days in the Sout & Porter Advent Calendar at Beer Asylum.  I probably could have bought the entire 26 days worth there.  “This is a wonderland,” I said to one of the proprietors as I picked up my second 1/2 pint at the bar.  He nodded then smiled broadly — a proud grin — and agreed, almost excitedly, “yes.  It is.  First time here?”  “Mmm-hmm,” I nodded, just as eagerly.  “But, not you’re last?”  I raised an eyebrow, “of course, not.”

I had a BBNo 08/06 (Oatmeal Stout) to start and followed it with an Old Hands Rauch Bier, a Weiß as as German as the Royal Family and brewed not far from their house. I talked with the beardy other proprietor about the new craft beer place opening in Ruislip this weekend and he seemed excited at the prospect of Northwest London becoming a haven for this sort of shop.




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Guinness West Indies Porter: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 2   2 comments


Name: West Indies Porter
Brewery: Guinness
Rating (1-5): 4 out of 5 Bootsies (Santa Collins)…

Notes: My ratings system isn’t perfect so I convoluted Funk and Caribbean themes.  Deal with it, mofos.

Day 2 of 26, Friday, and reading the newspaper after work with a fine porter ahead of making a delicious fish pie for supper …  I love the weekends.

RIP, Manuel.

Fuller’s Black Cab Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 1   1 comment


Name: Black Cab Stout
Brewery: Fuller’s
Rating (1-5):  4.5 Drunken Elves


Notes:  Compared to a previous effort, the notes in this Advent Calendar will have less to do with tasting as they will with thoughts on the day.  For instance, Tuesday I had my first run in the two weeks since I tore a calf muscle in my sleep; today was run #3 as I ramp up, from zero, to a long race in April.  We had a little cold snap (-7°C yesterday) which put a wee edge on the 4.5 miles but I also purchased 5 stouts and porters to start the Advent Calendar with.

So, this is the first day of Advent and the plan is to make this one entirely celebrated with black beers — stouts and porters.  Of course, there will be other beers, wine, liqueurs, and booze but once a day I will settle in to meditate on the meaning of the day and the season with one of the Calendar picks.  After 3.2 easy miles on black ice in the dark, the stout this evening was well-earned.

This one was yummy.  25 to go (Boxing Day included).  Suggestions for the Christmas Day selection are warmly welcomed.

Hilversum and Bremen, Consumption, Sightseeing, Running   2 comments

Coffeeshop De Leeuw Hilversum sign

Flights from Bristol to Bremen require a plane change in Amsterdam and with the layover and the arbitrary airport nonsense it takes nearly as long (and is just as expensive) to fly to Bremen as it does (is) to take the train from Amsterdam Schiphol.  The train requires a change in Hilversum and I decided to grab some pot for the journey and to have a few beers before continuing.  I was a fan of the Lion when I used to catch the train back to Amsterdam Z.O. after long runs when we lived there so I stopped there for a little White Widow.

Coffeeshop De Leeuw Hilversum

They have a sort of segregated smoking area, which is nice and convenient if a little weird (it is a glassed in room crammed with people while the rest of the house is kind of open).  I guess it dates to the smoking (tobacco) ban in workplaces but it wasn’t like this in the old days.  From there, I wandered up to De Kroeg for a few glasses of Jupiler.

De Kroeg Hilversum


Football (Ajax vs ADO Den Haag) was on the projection screen but a couple came in and asked for music and the bartender begrudgingly put on some really nice stuff including Dylan doing some blues.  Everyone was a regular except me.  And, the Jupiler was cheap and cold.  Perfection.  Plus, the bartender had an interesting shaped head and facial features that would have let him be cast in period dramas set in the bulb-eating days (or earlier); this thought crossed my mind, I remind you, after the first marijuana I’ve had in a year followed by 3 or 4 Jupilers (Jupileren?).


De Kroeg Hilversum bar


In Bremen, I dropped the luggage at the hotel then dashed to Shanti Shop (location 6 on the running map, below).  Prepped for the week, the only thing remaining was dinner each evening and runs in the morning.  Well, that and work but my colleague was doing most of that bit so I just had to show up and pay attention.


Shanti Shop Bremen


The runs and the walks are consolidated on the map, here, with the restaurants and some other sites also marked.  The mileage added up like this

Sunday  was a slow jog due to ice on the streets and resulted in 3.9 miles to the east (and to the head shop) and ended with a stop for a feast at Mexcal (“1” on the map), where I got a platter of mild Mexican food with a slight German spin on it, and a pitcher of beer (ice-cold Haake Beck).

Monday morning I headed up the Weser but in the dark I made stupid choices and found a dead-end just past Übersee Park.  The run logged 6.5 (net 10.4) more miles in the cold (it never got past freezing, this trip).


2016-01-21 Bremen run walk map


The Monday commute saw some awesome colour in the sunrise and, after work, my work mate and I went to find an Italian place I regularly hit but, lost and too cold to keep looking, we opted for the first thing that looked good.  I think his words were, “this MUST be good, there are scads of old locals in here,” which is how we came to dine at Kreta (#2 on the map); I had a meat platter, some sort of cabbage based salad, potatoes, tzatziki sauce…yum.  The walks to the lab, to Kreta, and back to my hotel added another 6.6 miles (17.0 total) and took me past this odd sculpture:


Bremen run statue
Tuesday yielded another pre-dawn run on icy paths in the dark past the football stadium and on to the island (6.9 miles for the loop).  This was the worst of the snow and ice days and the commute walk found me layered with snow.  The evening was clear and the wind died down so I explored the abandoned town centre before taking a chance on Zui Yuan (3 on the map), where I was treated to some unremarkable but at least not salty Chinese (Szechuan beef and a bit soggy fried rice).  The walks added 7.5 miles for 31.4 total.


Bremen sunsrise

Wednesday morning, the dark-time run went out to Weseruferpark where I still managed to find a dead-end peninsula (which is good since I logged another 8.4 miles and almost made myself late for work in the slow going).  The commute and dinner hikes saw another 6.5 miles and some sunlight and clear skies in the late afternoon.  For dinner, I did more Greek at the spectacular Plaka (4, where the Dolmides are to die for).

The lunches throughout were at the dining room of the business I was visiting; these are always good but also always kind of heavy (liver and onions with mashed potatoes and gravy one day, a giant burrito-like thing they called a Turkish pizza another).  Sandwiches of meats and cheeses plus a little bit of fruit served as breakfast (I gain weight here).

Thursday morning I had a train to grab at 8:30 so I made a shorter (5.5 miles) run to and around Burgerpark which I believe is technically closed that time of day.  It was a bit spooky and I think I rousted some rough-sleepers.  With that, the Bremen runs ended on 31.2 miles (with the walks making the total coverage 51.8 miles).


Bremen Dom


The staff at the Greek places brought out ouzo with the beers and another round with the bills.  They pour it like water — some older dude at Plaka kept coming upstairs and, on his odd gesture (he had more elaborate ones as he and the ouzo tap became more and more lubricated), another ouzo would be produced and in a single move he would pick up the glass, down the liqueur, and place the glass on the condensation ring it came from.  Opa:


Plaka Bremen beer and ouzo

Oh, right…number 5 on the map is the Meisenfrei, an old favourite.  They had some aging rockers on Wednesday night and — with nothing but travel ahead and gyros, kalamari, dolmides, beer and ouzo behind — I made a bit of an evening of it.  Decent bar, could have used a better band.

Bitterballs and beer at Murphy's Schiphol

Bitterballs and beer at Murphy’s Schiphol…heading home

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Globe, Andover, Hampshire   Leave a comment


The Globe was friendly enough, but I should have stuck with the lager…the Doom Bar tasted a bit ‘sweet’ like something other than Doom Bar had been in the lines (another ale? cleaning solvents?).  Not bad enough to send it back, mind, but not right.

Watched a few horse races on telly whilst deciding I didn’t have enough time to catch another pub before the bus home even though it was a short gallop to the station.  At 8 miles in two runs on the day, I decided to let the beer races be a draw (the earlier one winning by a furlong, while this one should be shot and sent to the dog food cannery) instead of going for Best-Two-Out-Of-Three.

Pub map here.


Globe Andover

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