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2017 Holiday Run Streak, Week 6 (24 – 30 Dec)   1 comment

373.3 at start of week, 34.0 miles on the week for 407.3 since 18 November.  Also this week: broke the 2000 mile barrier for the year with a few days to spare.

Sunday 24 December:

Christmas Eve with everything important in for the feast on the morrow, I headed to Harrow & Wealdstone to tie a bow on some of the middle of the Metropolitan Line and the northern extremes of the Bakerloo (7.0 miles).



In the last mile I remembered that we were gifted a Christmas Pudding (I don’t recommend them, by the way) and started scanning the gardens I passed for a sprig of holly to stick in the top of it before dousing it with brandy and setting it ablaze.



Christmas:  The duck was in the oven, the dressing was ready to bake, and yet we had no crackers.  Already on the Christmas Cheer (egg nog to start, then rum in the coffee, then just rum) I went in search of some at corner shops, managing to find none in the 4.1 mile loop.


Boxing Day:

Sticking close to home, again, I managed 4 miles before we settled in to watch movies all day and listen to records most of the night.  Happy Christmas!


Wednesday thru Friday 27-29 December:

No maps, as they are all close to home and standard fare and barely making the Run Streak minimum (3.0 Wednesday, 4.0 Thursday, and 4.4 miles on Friday).

But, of note: Wednesday’s run took me to 2001.9 miles on the year, so I kind of feel like coasting into the New Year.

Saturday 30 December:

Finished the week, weakly, with a crawl from Watford Junction to Harrow & Wealdstone, 7.5 miles.



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Protected: Group Christmas Dinner, Exeter College Oxford   1 comment

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Hillingdon to Ruislip, Metropolitan Line, TfL Run Project   Leave a comment


{A map and technical description are in the 2017 Holiday Run Streak Week 2 post.}

It has already been pointed out that running station-to-station is not how it is meant to be done and a guy on the bus I hopped off at Hillingdon with said it again when I told him of my plans.  “It isn’t the destination but the journey that counts,” is especially apt for this project where the segments between stations are the key goals (not the stations themselves).



The beginning of a long weekend and end of a long day at work, I only needed 3 miles for the Holiday Run Streak and there was no way in Hell I was going to do more than 4 ahead of the series planned for the next several days.  From Hillingdon, I headed into the darkness lit occasionally by the festive lighting:



Ickenham and Ruislip Stations fell to the list and I headed homeward.



This morning at Ruislip Station I became intrigued by this mattress advert:



I get it.  They are testing these for mechanical endurance in a lab using thing that everybody will have on their bed.  Above, you might spot the laptop PC and the dog but did you also notice the fake boobs and the fetish boots?  Great mattress advert!


The Metropolitan Line is slowly filling in:

And, the progress system-wide looks like this:


Siren Broken Dream Breakfast Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Boxing Day   Leave a comment


Name: Broken Dream Breakfast Stout
Brewery: Siren
Rating (1-5): 4 out of 5 Sammy Davis Juniors with Santa Sacks full of Alka Seltzer

Notes:  Breakfast stout, indeed.  Here’s the entire Advent Calendar listing (I still have enough in the fridge to keep this going until New Years, as well):

Day Beverage Venue Rating (link to picture)
1 Fuller’s Black Cab Stout The Slug and Whip-It, Ruislip 4.5 Surly, Drunken Elves out of 5
2 Guinness West Indies Porter ditto 4.5 Hittin’ Christmas on the One out of 5
3 Shepherd Neame Double Stout ditto 4.5 Drunk Uncles out of 5
4 Meantime Chocolate Porter ditto 3 Santas Mooning You out of 5
5 Hook Norton Double Stout ditto 4 “Two Drinks and she’s Under the Host” out of 5
6 M&S London Porter ditto 5 Soul Brothers Number One out of 5
7 Shotover Oxford Black Porter ditto 4.5 Santas Bearing Night Train out of 5
8 Revisionist Craft Stout  Gardener’s Arms, Oxford 3 Just What I Wanteds out of 5
9 Sambrooks Four Chimneys Chocolate Stout Green Man, Paddington 5 Steve Buscemis out of 5
10 Wychwood Black Wych Porter The Slug and Whip-It, Ruislip 5 Debauched Elvettes out of 5
11 Wiper and True Milk Shake Milk Stout ditto 5 Black Lab Santas out of 5
12 Enefeld London Porter ditto 3 Bar Nativities out of 5
13 Guinness Stout The Ashbourne, Hanger Lane 2 Billy Bob Thorntons out of 5
14 Box Steam Funnel Blower The Slug and Whip-It, Ruislip 5 Office Party Jackasses out of 5
15 Hammerton Pentonville Oyster Stout The Star of Kings 1 out of 5 Deaf, Dumb, and Blind Kids
16 Brew By Numbers 08/06 Oatmeal Stout The Beer Asylum 4 out of 5 Beethoven’s Birthdays
17 Dragon Stout The Slug and Whip-It, Ruislip 3 out of 5 Santa Benders
18 Portobello Market Porter The Hop & Vine 4.5 out of 5 Dicks in Boxes
19 Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout The Slug and Whip-It, Ruislip 4 out of 5 Feasting Santas
20 MarkoPaulo Coal Porter The Owl & The Pussycat 5 out of 5 Christmas ‘lumps’
21 Red Squirrel London Porter The Red Squirrel Bar 5 out of 5 Beer Bong Elves on Shelves
22 Wimbledon Phoenix Smoked Porter The Lass o’ Richmond Hill 3 out of 5 Santa’s Laps
23 Three Boys Oyster Stout Brew Dog 2 out of 5 Gay May/September Romantic Christmases
24 Hobson’s Stove Pipe Stout The Slug and Whip-It, Ruislip 4 out of 5 Wrigley Field Christmas Greetings
25 Hitachino Espresso Stout ditto 4 out of 5 Steve Harveys
26 Siren Broken Dream Breakfast Stout ditto 4 out of 5 Sammy Davis Juniors with Santa Sacks full of Alka Seltzer


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Kiuchi Espresso Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Christmas Day   1 comment



Name: Espresso Stout
Brewery: Kiuchi
Rating (1-5): 4 out of 5 Steve Harveys

Notes: After a bottle of champagne, a bottle of port, a bottle of Chianti, and half a bottle of Vin Santo, I was ready for some stout.  Merry Christmas, and I hope yours was nice, as well.



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Stove Pipe Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Christmas Eve   1 comment


Name: Stove Pipe Stout
Brewery: Hobsons
Rating (1-5): 4 out of 5 “It’s Not All Doom and Glooms”

Notes: Neither of us is Christmassy this year but it is Winter and that requires/demands gorging.  I baked a gallon of biscotti to go with the pair of Vin Santos on the wine rack, there’s a round of cornbread soon to be a dressing ingredient for the turkey crown tomorrow, and there’s some raw pizza sauce in the background.  I sold my keyboard on e-Bay and am waiting for the guy to come pick it up (down to just the uke and the guitar).  Jackie begged off the Peanuts Christmas this year but I listened to David Sedaris’ Santaland Diaries on my run a little while ago.  Ho. Ho. Ho.

The other entries on the Advent Calendar are here.


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Three Boys Oyster Stout: Advent Calendar 2016 Day 23   2 comments


Name: Oyster Stout
Brewery: Three Boys
Rating (1-5): 2 out of 5 Gay May/September Romantic Christmases


Notes:  I can’t fault this beer in any way at all.  The venue, Brew Dog in Shepherds Bush, is as annoying as getting stuck on a broken down subway full of people on their way to Comic Con or a gaming convention.


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