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The Cock and Woolpack, City of London   Leave a comment


Finished with the run portion of the days events, I nipped into the Cock and Woolpack (in keeping with the day’s theme) to change into my dry kit and knock back a cider.  By the time I got back out to place my order, the malodorous stench of Banker-Wankers permeated the house and they loudly chatted away about women and sport and other shit they obviously knew fuck-all about.

The worst thing is they gave the impression that they were happy…not just pleased with themselves but actually comfortable in the slimy scales they have evolved to give the outward impression that they are mammalian.

Such is the curse of a City of London bar (any of them, not just this one).



Uniformed mobs of these evil, blood sucking miscreants surrounded the place.  It took steady nerves to reach Liverpool Street from here.  Too bad, as the house was lovely, otherwise.


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Lamb Tavern, City of London   1 comment



At the bar of the Lamb, I pushed ahead of some suits filled with two indecisive wankers that had just tried to mow me down outside while I was taking a photo of the place.  I ordered an ale as they cowered (probably afraid the sweat from my arms was going to ruin the mock vicuña of their jackets).  Generally, this seemed less like the sort of place a John Wayne character would get into a fight than the sort where some snarky comment about your BMW being over a year old.

I took my glass upstairs where it was largely abandoned.  Above the din, I could hear the soundtrack: really good mix of old R&B…Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett, Marvin Gaye, etc.).  It’s a Fullers, so probably not a bad spot for lunch (just don’t come in during the after work rush).



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Hung, Drawn and Quartered, City of London   1 comment



I got lost after the Old Nick  on my “Crime Run” and wound up much deeper in the East End than I really planned for that time of night but eventually found my way back to the part of Tower Hill where the gallows once stood.  This is where the Hung, Drawn & Quartered earned its name.




I might as well still been at the Old Nick, though, just substituting the Law Losers for the crowd of Banker Wankers I found at this house.  And, like at the earlier pub, the experience had so much potential wet-blanketed by their presence (but this is the financial district and that is the legal centre and what-are-ya-gonna-do?).




A young couple came in as I was finishing a very well presented and not unusually expensive (for the area) beer.  They seemed to be visiting the city and looking for a good meal at a reasonable price (and I think they had found it here despite the crowd).  As I had weaselled into the best two seat table between one pair of bloodsuckers and another that had eyed up that piece of real estate and then hovered around like they could leverage me out of it, I grabbed the fellow’s arm and, locking eyes with his missus, said that this was probably the best deuce in the house.

“Are you sure?” they both asked.

Draining my glass and smiling broadly at one of the suits as both their shoulders slumped, “never more than at this very moment.”



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