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The Harp, Covent Garden, London   2 comments


It’s really rare that I get two great pubs in a row — especially when I just picked them for the name that fits in with a theme for the day — but after the Star & Garter I lucked into the Harp near Trafalgar Square, a spectacular pub.  This isn’t just my opinion…the wall is lined with local, regional, and national pub of the year citations:



I looked down the line of tempting pumps and chose an Imperial Stout.  “That’s 10.7, mate,” the bartender warned about the abv.  “‘S’alright,” I said, “it helps repel the rain.”  This brought an appreciative chuckle from most of the attending drinkers (I was absolutely drenched).



The crowd was good, too.  The guy above, with the Northern Soul and other tats, was in with a group of mates; there were 6 or 7 Finns right next to me; and, a stream of deuces kept coming by for quick halves before heading out to brave the storm.



A second bartender arrived and the first one came around to Northern Soul guy to plot a strategy for the Great British Beer Fest (now on at Earls Court).



Oh, the stout was lovely and the 10.7% did nothing to repel the rain (but I cared less about the damp in its wake).




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The Covent Garden Pub, Covent Garden, London   1 comment



I went to the Covent Garden because the Nell of Drury Lane was closed and the CG also fit the theme of the day’s run (and, in fact, was another setting in the same film).  I had also bypassed it in the first place because of the name change from “the Globe” but I’m glad I was forced to double back.  This despite the £5 price tag on a pint (but, at least there were several real ales to choose from and the one I settled on was perfect).  It’s just what the cost of the neighbourhood dictates.




It is a grand old house with a great smoking porch upstairs, netted in to protect from pigeons or gulls.  I’d love to go further upstairs and have a poke around (this is the midst of the theatre district, too, so any windows would be worth parking in for an evening’s viewing of foot traffic below, as well).


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