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Admiral of the Humber, Hull, East Riding   Leave a comment

I walked for a couple of hours after finally keeping down the 2nd half of my coffee, Sunday.  The temperature rose into the mid-20’s C (upper 70’s F) and I think I sweated out the residual alcohol from the night before by the time I looped back into the centre from the bleak and loverly industrial zone along the River Hull in the northern reaches of town.

Now hungry, I opted for a greasy burger with bacon and a stilton sauce, some chips and onion rings (also greasy), and a medicinal lager in the Wetherspoons around the corner from the train station.  Everyone was watching football (I think this was the day Hull got relegated to the 2nd tier).  I felt human, again.



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Inkerman Tavern, Hull, East Riding   2 comments


I booked the Inkerman Tavern for my room in Hull because it is kind of in the middle of an industrial area.  It is actually better to stay in than that sounds but it isn’t luxurious.  Perfectly adequate for someone who planned to (and succeeded in) drinking himself into a coma and good enough for the not-too-picky traveller, it was clean and quiet and the staff couldn’t have been a nicer bunch.  The woman in the photo was tending bar when I checked in and gave me the rundown on the flood mural on the way to my room.



The room was separated from the bar far enough that the karaoke would not have bothered me had I not finished the night listening to it in the bar.  Those kegs were still stacked up when I awoke so I didn’t knock them over on my way to bed (and I must have gotten there under my own steam since it was dead-locked from inside) but, as previously mentioned, I overdid it a bit on the night.



Large whiskeys (waters back) came one after another and I had encounters with a couple that each eventually did a number at karaoke, a couple of boys that were heading off to the Navy or RAF soon, and some cross-dressers (one about my age and another about 10 years younger) that were starting the evening here before moving on to Frankie’s later.  Lovely joint, here.



At one point, a woman came around taking photos of the punters and I got out my camera to take one of here.  I must have accidentally triggered the shutter while lifting the camera and got a shot of the elephant at the bar similar to the ones I spotted at the Dram Shop hours earlier.



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Frankie’s Vauxhall Tavern, Hull, East Riding   2 comments

I was on my way back to my room with the intention of stopping at Frankie’s Vauxhall Tavern for a quick whiskey to see what the crowd there was like.  There was a guy singing 60’s-80’s pop hits and he had a great voice so I stayed for a few slower whiskies.

A thin man in a sharp suit dashed in and started dancing with wild abandon — at least that’s what I think it would be called: wild abandon or, even, dancing.  Some young folk were shooting billiards in the back bar and there was a scattering of people, like me, at the bar but most were piled up at the tables in front of the singer (I think one table was celebrating with their nana for her birthday).

I don’t know if any bar in Hull is really a gay bar but this one promotes itself as friendly to everyone in ways that would make you think that it must be.  And, there were some camp aspects but, again, that could go for any bar in town.  The rubber dick on the wall of the bar near the crisps notwithstanding, of course.


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Polar Bear, Hull, East Riding   Leave a comment


The Polar Bear was a recommendation of the folks in the Dive Bar and after my meal at the El Toro I was desperate to reassure myself that I had not lost my sense of taste.  The band for the night was finishing up a sound check that was funkier than I expect white kids to manage, living life on the one or — locally — on’t wun.  I was the only customer in the joint so I went unnoticed for a while.



Eventually I got a beer and a shot and the staff couldn’t have been friendlier.  All were busy prepping for real customers (the ones that would stay around for a while) but all seemed to stop by for a brief chat.

“TWAT OF THE WEEK” was that guy in the photo under “THE,” but if you aren’t sure of the choice then it might be you (it IS written on the mirror at the back of the bar for a reason):



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El Toro, Hull, East Riding   1 comment


I debated the legitimacy of including El Toro in the pub list but in the bar area where I went for solid nourishment I got a perfect beer, decent conversation, and a non-stop gymnastics showcase as the lone professional bartender slammed out cocktail after complicated, fruity cocktail.  No menu and a hen party of about 20 in the other room ordering every esoteric concoction they could think of.  Impressive work.



“But,” you argue, “it’s a fucking restaurant.”  I ordered the ‘hot’ version of the chilli appetizer (I could easily have soothed my tired eyes by rubbing these bland items into them).  I also had a chicken plate as a main, equally free of any flavour at all.

Trust me, this is much more a bar than a restaurant.



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Dive Bar, Hull, East Riding   2 comments

Dive in name, anyway, this bar was still a fun place to visit. I asked where the bathroom was because, unlike a lot of the folks I saw on the walk from the centre, I still had some of my dignity (although I was trying hard to drown it with cheap booze) and felt I should at least try to find someplace private to do this somewhat private thing. Instead of just pointing, the bartender hopped out from around the bar and said, “follow me.” When we arrived 20 feet away he presented them, “here is the gents and just here is the ladies…I would recommend the gents.” I think he was stoned.


They were playing a recording of Janis Joplin live at some small venue when I arrived and it went on at least until I left. I scanned the booze while answering some questions about from whence I hail. “Double Maker’s Mark, please.”
“Kentucky, Kentucky…where is Kentucky?”
I had to explain the legal definition of bourbon and where Kentucky sits in the US.

“This is the first Maker’s Mark I’ve ever sold. Give me a minute while I find it on the register.” After a short pause he said, “that’s 6 pounds.” A deal, I thought, and handed him a £10 note. He handed me back £6 change. Yep, stoned.


“I would have thought you would want one of…” a dramatic pause “…these!” and, he slammed a PBR in front of me.
“Oh, yeah. That takes me back.”
“So, you drink this in the States?”
“Yes. It’s awful. But, yes.”

He seemed insistent about the PBR so I told him about the 30 Pack Marathon (an old post about it linked here) which in its original form was all keg PBR (as seen on the CNN video on the link). I don’t think he believed me. I used the £2 he over-paid me to pay for some of the PBR I eventually drank here. Much more like an American bar I would go to in the States than anything else I’ve seen here.


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Wm Hawkes, Hull, East Riding   1 comment


The Wm Hawkes is on my “must visit” list for Hull.  I suspect the other bars one can see from its front door are similarly fantastic but since I had to choose one the Hawkes drew the short straw.

I do have one complaint.  I spotted — and asked for — a double Evan Williams which is a bourbon that I grew up with, drinking it regularly in the cemetery next to my high school when I was supposed to be out for a training run (sounds familiar enough, right?).  What he poured was an Evan Williams cherry infusion (essentially a cordial and VERY sweet).  I pointed out the wrong bottle as he was putting it back and he offered to pour it out and give me the right one but I wouldn’t forgive myself if he had wasted this.  I took it to the dark lounge to sip more slowly than if it had been something I actually wanted.



A couple and their guide/host/buddy turned up as the glass strewn table was being cleared and began chatting about the decor.  The regular pointed out the taxidermy claiming that the fox was chasing the world’s longest rabbit.  I interrupted that I thought they just chopped a regular bunny in half.  A few moments later, he mentioned stuffed squirrels in military uniforms at which the couple, as one, looked past him to me with arched brows that spake, “do you believe this shit?”

“I’m afraid he’s right.  And, not just military but I have seen chauffeurs, Old West bar brawl scenes, Biblical reenactments.  Verrrrry strange.”  Turns out their carer has a few versions of squirrels in outfits.

Not a great shot, but the bunny butt is off to the right.

The other table of three was two local boys and a girl from Shropshire.  I know this because the lads were talking, while she was in the loo, about how much they loved her accent.  When she returned they forced the issue by asking if she ever watched Peaky Blinders (post-WWI period drama about a Irish crime family in Birmingham by way of the Black Country).

“Ooooo, I luv Tommy Shelby,” she cooed.  That was the main topic from that side of the room my remaining 5 minutes there.

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