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Kebab King, Oxford   Leave a comment


Outstanding.  The work canteen had something dreadful and the one at Biochemistry was even worse.  I decided to try Kebab King for the first time in years (since before the Kebab-per-Week Challenge that prompted this thread and this map) and was pleasantly surprised.  Eaten on a fairly quiet — for tourist season — stroll past the Oxford Castle, meat and chips were almost exactly what the weekend recovery called for.



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Best Kebab, Hillingdon, Middlesex   Leave a comment


“Fending for ourselves,” for supper happens when our schedules aren’t going to overlap well enough to justify cooking for two.  Jackie usually eats better than me on ‘fend’ nights but we both eat relatively shittily compared to when I cook.  Friday, I chose a döner meat with chips from Hillingdon’s Best Kebab eaten al fresco near the Oxford Tube stop (toward Oxford) in Hillingdon.

It was alright and the ‘small’ was too much for a mortal to finish (with medium and large options on the card).  Knowing that a funeral parlour stands nearby gave me the will to try, though.



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Off The Hook, Kidlington, Oxfordshire   Leave a comment


Last Thursday was another unseasonably warm and sunny one in Oxford so I headed up the canal path for a bit of a run.  The podcast I was listening to ended at about 40 minutes and I took the first road thereafter into Kidlington to find some nourishment and a bus back to the labs.  The piece of cod from Off The Hook with just a little more than a splash of vinegar and no additional salt was precisely the right answer to the quick lunch question.  Yum.


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Family Cafe, Southend, Essex   2 comments


I left the Last Post planning on fish and chips by the beach but just outside the pub I spotted a pie & mash shop and opted, instead, for a small order of stewed eels with mash and liquor.  Reasonably certain this was a healthier choice, it also fortified me against the shitty weather.  I can’t believe this is not the nation’s choice for favourite street food.  I could have it daily if it was more available.


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Best Kebab Chicken Burgers van, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire   1 comment


After the Red Lion, the rain diminished to a light mist and on my next pass through the centre I decided to stop for some supper at the BKCB van.  The döner meat was an unappealing beige colour but perfectly tasty.  I walked toward the Chequers (write-up soon) as I ate and was soon shadowed by a border collie gazing up at me with love and affection — beggar.  “Don’t be mean,” said a fellow who seemed to know this little tramp; he was right, as I had more than I should eat.

“It’s got chilli sauce on,” I warned as I held aloft the first of several bites we shared.

“Oh, he loves that.  Perhaps he’ll share some with me, as well,” said another fellow that knows the first.  Me and the dog finished our treat then joined the other two as we entered the pub.



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Kenton Kebab BBQ, Kenton, Middlesex   Leave a comment


The documentation photo (above) of the empty tray is not so much a testament to how good the kebab from Kenton Kebab House was but that I was so hungry that I wolfed down the rapidly freezing grease pie before I remembered to fire the shutter.  It was okay, mind, but only for ballast on a Sunday afternoon between trains when there were rough gastric seas made up of four pints from a four mile run and not any more palatable options to hand.



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The Watch House, Lewisham, London (& final bits of Saturday Run)   Leave a comment

Pub #2097:

I wrote some notes on my (wrong) map here at the Watch House, pub invoking the “After 1 hour” rule arbitrarily laid down in the first segment entry of the run.  Here they are:

“Too many hipsters even in a lewisham wetherspoons”

“Bitch stole my table”

“Pulled beef and blue cheese, not Stilton … Lancaster red”

Here’s how I remember it:



I left the Dire South with food in mind, but none of the takeaways really looked suitable.  Getting farther and farther from Lewisham Station, I made out the street life typically found in front of a Wetherspoons and ducked inside.  This will do, I reckoned, and picked out a decent table to dump my stuff on in sight of the bar where I threaded past elaborate mustaches and skinny jeans (is this a mid-70s gay bar?) to get to the bar.  A privileged and entitled young woman came up to the bar after me but urgently flagged down the bartender as he was heading toward me.  I ordered next and turned to go retrieve my stuff from atop what appeared to be her table.  I stopped there to start writing the note; she cleared her throat and I threw up my index finger then drew it to my lips, “Shhhhh.”   I continued to write about the hipsters then added, “Bitch stole my table,” after it was obvious she had started reading it.



I took up residence at a less auspicious location across from the fake jade statue of a winged kitty.  The Lancaster Red complimented the sandwich, the set and setting, and the entire weird collection of pubs on this run.  Here are the others:

The Beehive in New Elthan and Segment 1 from Welling (pub run rules for the mystery trail)

The Rising Sun in Elthan, Segment 2 (hoodlums and stained glass trannies)

The Old Tiger’s Head in Lee Green, Segment 3 (Old and New Tigers’ Heads and a fat dog)

Dire South in Lewisham, Segment 4 (yuppies destroying Lewisham, one pub and terrace block at a time)



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