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Pub #1934:

The new year with respect to vacation days starts on 1 October and I had a day to burn up so there I was on Tuesday with really nothing to do except a short run I had scheduled myself. With Greenford 4.1 miles away, it seemed a good idea to catch the bus down there and have a beer at the Wishing Well before running home.

I got there at 1 minute past the 11 am opening time and there was already an old guy in there waiting for his Guinness to settle and be topped up. Brilliant. I asked for a Fosters and the bartender used her right hand to finish the stout and her left to pour mine all the while jabbering on about a football match the night before.

Mornings in Greenford seem pretty sedate. She eventually got the televisions booted and put on a sport channel where I was confronted with Trump, again, and a crawler with baseball scores (Cubs beat the Cards, magic number down to 1 for the Division title). I finished and walked up to deposit my glass and she rushed over to refill; “no, thank you…I’m off for a run, now.” They both chuckled, unaware of how this works in my world.  Beautiful weather out, I couldn’t have planned it better.




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Jackie was leaving to visit her family in Trumpministan (formerly the Short-Fingered Republic of Vulgaria) and I took some time off to do stuff with her for a couple of days before the flight. These things did not include shopping for clothes so while she was at the shops, I went for a run to Greenford with a stop in their branch of Hennessy’s.



It was a quiet morning in the pub with just some OAP’s sitting around reading the newspapers and the bartender snacking on crisps. Tuesday, close to noon … oh, well: the beer was cold and helped get me back home. Sometimes that’s all you really need.



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Perivale Farm, Greenford, London   1 comment



I needed some groceries and wanted a beer, so I hopped off the tube at Perivale Station to use the art deco Tesco and to check in on the Perivale Farm pub, which just reopened last weekend.  It was the first Friday open after a couple of months worth of remodelling and there were more employees than customers.  They scattered, though, when I tried to document them falling over each other behind the bar:




Despite the restaurant atmosphere, it was much more like a local around the bar.  Nearby, three generations (the youngest member being about 13 years old and sipping a cola), were having an unusually frank conversation about another family member’s ovarian cancer.  I spent most of my time talking to an Irish builder from Galway.

There was something weird going on in the corner, though.  There were two black women in one side of the booth and they kept bringing over different members of staff to chat.  After each one left to send over another, the one nearest the window would pull out a wad of five pound notes and count out a few.  I want to know, but probably best I stay clueless on this one.





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Hare and Hounds, Greenford, Middlesex   Leave a comment



Quite the lively pub, packed with Greenfordians of all ages, colours, and political stripe the Hare and Hounds was also surprising in that it has three ale taps — albeit hidden away at the back half of the Lounge Bar.  Still, the back half of the Lounge was where the densest population was.



Accurate and brutally honest poetry was not what I expected to find framed in the front Lounge bar. Sure, it’s not especially good poetry but even Betjeman had occasional off days.  Kudos.


I drew immediate attention due to the heavy sweating having just run in from Uxbridge via the path past the Gun Club/Shooting School back towards Yeading.  A friendly interrogation ensued while I awaited my Pedigree with an Indian, a Caribbean, and a Pole (bar joke there?  Actually, they were all second or third generation…) mocking my condition and the idea that someone would run ANYWHERE much less to the bar.  This was an easy one to counter as I headed outside to change into a dry sweatshirt (the evenings get cool fairly quick at sunset now): if you were going to run anywhere, the bar seems to be the MOST sensible place to go.  Agreement all around and I left before any of them could point out how many other bars were so much closer to just about every point on my journey (thus saving me from having to explain the blog you are reading and its mission).



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Mullet Tavern, Greenford, Middlesex   Leave a comment


Ran to Greenford down West End/Ruislip Road.  Went in the Mullet, a perfectly apt name for the bar: business in front, party in the back.  Quick pint o’ Fosters then return run home.  8 miles, round trip.


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Black Horse, Greenford, Middlesex   Leave a comment



The Black Horse is a big, beautiful pub right on the Grand Union Canal Path.  For me, it is very conveniently at the 4 mile point of an 8 mile loop that makes for a relatively quiet and remarkably pleasant run, like the one I had today.




It would be all the more pleasant if the bartenders here weren’t a bunch of assholes and the clients filling the otherwise pleasant canal side garden are the worst sort of self-centered, materialist, aspirationally — but not, necessarily, in fact — middle-class scum.  I will still occasionally stop for pints like the delightful ESB I overpaid for today, but only on days when my tolerance of dickheads is higher.



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Railway, Greenford, Middlesex ( #August2016PubPerDay number 37)   2 comments

Railway Greenford


Here’s the logic: I went for a run to warm up before planning to meet the West London Hash House Harriers and see what it is that they are all about.  My plan was to get in a few miles and a pint or two but by the time I ran past the Railway next to Greenford Station I was over 10 miles and 5 pints into the ‘warm-up.’  I had a choice…I could go in here then catch the Tube home (the HHH runs every week, after all), OR keep trying to find the pub where they were going to meet up (but which is also a Wetherspoons so I could use it for a pint on a morning run some later date).


Railway Greenford beer


The Railway was a fine choice.  It was also yet another of the August 2016 Pub Per Day Challenge excess pubs.