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The General’s Arms, Chesham, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2044:

I got a pint of Black Friday in the General’s Arms, a fairly good choice at the end of the run streak not least because it is really fine, dark ale; it is also a beer I first encountered toward the end of Week 1 of the Run Streak this year and, coincidentally, up here in this part of the TfL system. Good stuff.

As I sipped, an old Teddy Boy with sleeve tattoos and a TapOut t-shirt was drinking a White Russian (no straw for him nor the one his missus had). She had gone off to powder her nose or something and left him perusing his recent bed sheet purchases.

I would classify the clientele here, “Local.”



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The Pomeroy, Little Chalfont, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2043:

As I mentioned in the post about the run, itself, I really didn’t feel like getting out in the cold for a run — much less trekking out to the ends of the Metropolitan Line to do it. Had I been more in the mood, I would have added about a mile to the run to head south from Amersham Station and made a pub stop in the George and Dragon or one of several other nearby watering holes. Instead, I settled on the most direct route to tick off my station-to-station segments for the day.

But, lo, before me appeared a pub sign and down a long drive adjacent sat what appeared from without to be a pub.  Splendid, I thought as I sped to the Pomeroy‘s door.



Alas, inside it was primarily a white-table-cloth dining facility. But, there was a bar and there were ales available and a couple of seats near the fire for those of less presentable attire. After one particularly awful pop song, the music piped in was several cuts in a row of Jake Bugg songs (which was nice). I had just begun to come around to this house when my glass turned up nearly dry. Only 1¼ miles into the trip and not even halfway to the end of the first segment, I inexplicably did the responsible thing and headed back to the trail.



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The Load of Hay, Bushey, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment

Pub #2037:

The Load of Hay was on my master map (which, I later realised, is a stunningly appropriate moniker) and not especially far off my planned course, so in I went.  The hard looking woman who was trying to pour my Santa Cider finally went off and got her husband — which I later realised was actually an even harder looking woman, handsome but in a wholly masculine way — who sorted the froth at the barrel end of the plumbing.

Several middle-aged men seemed to uncomfortably shift their conversations until I moved away from the bar.  Another, the large fellow below, was delivering news about someone in hospital but cheered noticeably when a powerfully built fellow came in…they soon were effusively giggling and gossiping like school girls.

This house was a bit weird.  Is this how it made the shortlist?  I continued drinking and observing.


Standard fare, I reckoned, but also something else.  I finished, gathered up my running gear and returned my glass, then wandered off to the loo to keep from having to duck down an alleyway a few miles down the road.  The notices seemed to confirm my suspicions about the house (although, as I’ve pointed out, EVERY bar is a gay bar, these days…and NONE of them are).



That’s when I remembered what I had heard about the L of H … this is the regular meeting place of the Watford Munch, something which came up in conversation at some other pub miles away and months ago. Ohhhhh.  That’s why I marked it on the maps, just to check out some place different.  And, yet, it really isn’t.



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The Golden Lion, Watford, Hertfordshire   1 comment


Pub #2036:

They had one ale on at the Golden Lion and I remember it not floating my boat.  I got a Stella and sat near enough to listen to the conversations at the other tables but it was very dull gossip about people they all know.  That’s always a danger in a small town local.


The thing is, this is a very friendly house.  Almost everyone greeted or, at least, acknowledged my presence and I think if I settled in for the day I wouldn’t have sat alone after my first beer.  But, the road is long and the clock was ticking; rather than test the theory, I made my way into the windy paths.

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The White Lion, Amersham, Hertfordshire   1 comment

Pub #1985:

The pub near Chalfont & Latimer Station was closed for the afternoon by the time I arrived (and may well only open in the evenings) so I continued my run toward Amersham to the White Lion before looping back to the Underground.

I was sweaty and dishevelled and probably looked homeless; it was obvious that the kid behind the bar was hesitant to serve me until I pulled some cash out of the film canister that served as my running wallet for the day.  The manager walked by barking orders at him and a waitress and stopped, mid-syllable, and gave me a dirty look.  Fuck you too, bitch.



I sat and watched Humpty Dumpty (in the photo, above) slowly and methodically eat a gigantic hamburger — not like a hamburger but with a knife and fork, fer fuck’s sake — never letting the contents of his mouth drop below 60% full.  It was mesmerizing.  Just look at him; the knife and fork work reminded me of a Seinfeld episode.  He started on a massive slice of cake, later, just before I left.

I decided I really should tidy up and, once the manager was in sight, I stripped to the waist throwing my wet shirt on the table and putting on my spare kit as slowly and methodically as the Oompa-Loompa that is her preferred customer (and one of the most memorable details of my visit).

I returned my glass and thanked them but their silent glares were worth more than gold.


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The Rose and Crown, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire   2 comments

Pub # 1984:

I had Black Friday stuck in my head ever since the Harvester at Croxley Green so the beer choice at the Rose & Crown was an easy one:



The venue itself was really more house than pub.  I asked if there was another place for me to sit where my sweaty and dishevelled appearance wouldn’t cause offence but the front area was as informal as it gets.  I took a seat at a large table (it was more-or-less the end of lunchtime) and admired the stack of blankets and quilts on the end of the settee.  Very homey.

On the other side of the entrance, just out of eyeshot, a group of gents talked cricket.  1960’s cricket to be specific and how it was so much better back then.  I was in over my depth and just tried to enjoy the inky, black beverage sitting before me.  For some reason, the Steely Dan was replaced as my earworm for the day with this version of Obladi Oblada as I returned to the road … proving not everything from the 60s is better than similar things from later on.



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The White Bear, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire   1 comment


Pub #1983:

White Bear?  Old White Bore is more like it.  I was sitting there rather enjoying lunch custom that was beginning to populate the house when an old guy reeking of tobacco (so much so that I probably did, as well, by the time I left) sat right next to me forsaking the 5 stools to my left, the 10-12 to his right, and a still-sparsely-populated and very large pub.  I moved my cap, gloves, map, and camera from in front of him over to the space that would be in front of his brother who prefers sitting on the left (should he arrive, soon).



The waitress with the large, keenly displayed and 70% ventilated rack had mentioned to this guy something about a diamond ring she wanted to dispose of and he turned into an expert on pricing jewelry.  It’s not often that a guy my size gets to be Norm, but sitting next to Cliff Clavin for 15 minutes is a good substitute experience.  Well, not exactly good but an experience; anyway, it made me Norm thirsty but not for another one here so I returned to my run.


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