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London Outer Orbital Path (Section 16)   4 comments

I’m way behind writing things up, but the holiday runs are arduous and the drinking regimen is demanding.  Friday’s run (what day is it now…Monday?  Or, Tuesday?) was another segment of the London Outer Orbital Loop and, like Section 15, demanded a bit of zenning to make it through.



The train into Elstree & Borehamwood goes through a long tunnel just before the station.  Above is one of the air vents for the tunnel (there is an array of these in the field, there, standing in pairs every 100 meters or so).  The trail was supposed to veer southerly off the road soon after these but fuck me if I could find the marker.  I likewise couldn’t find a name on the Harvester where I stopped to regroup but have been assured it is named the King’s Arms.

Following the cycle path south along the busy highway hoping to find the trail again I, at least, found a sign pointing across the highway which would have required scaling a high fence in the median of this dangerous stretch at rush hour.  I opted to pick up the trail much later after a second stop at the Rising Sun.



From the Rising Sun, the trail becomes almost pastoral until you reach Barnet, a busy but small suburban town with enough bars to keep a crawl going for days.  I had to choose one so it was the King’s Head, just the other side of that church, above.



From glen to upscale suburb to not-so-upscale suburb and now into an industrial area.  A pedestrian tunnel with fairly pedestrian graffiti gets you across the railroad and a caged bridge takes you over a large gas works.



And, then you are back in the mid-range suburban neighbourhoods again.  I was caught off guard a bit by this stunning church which rose on my left and — I believe this is where it happened again — drove me off trail a tad.


Evening was falling, though, so I only stopped long enough for the external shots.



Inexplicably, I found trail again and made my way to the Cock (formerly the Cock and Dragon) to sip an ale and change into my dry kit.  From there, a leisurely trot through the neighbourhood to the tube station took a couple of minutes.

Pub write-ups as soon as I can get around to them.


Hart and Spool, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire   1 comment

The trains were frequent enough and the Elstree Studios trail interesting enough that I thought I’d grab a quick whisky in another local (having had good luck in the Wellington).  I finished my kebab across from the Hart and Spool, which looked lively enough.

But, it’s a Wetherspoons and on an evening in the rush hour it is too busy to really hear someone even if you could break into their conversation.  Forced into courtesy by this situation, I just had a brief look around then started my long trek home for the evening.


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Best Kebab, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire   2 comments


I had a long journey home and knew I wouldn’t fancy cooking so I looked around for dinner near the station.  The runs today and yesterday had taken their toll on me and I felt I could eat just about anything and absorb the worst it had to offer.  The worst that the Best Kebab had to offer was an insidious saltiness that had me at the water tap all night but the kebab wasn’t too fatty and it tasted more like actual lamb than filler.  I’ve definitely had worse.



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Wellington, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire   2 comments

I took my Fosters around to the end of the Wellington bar and stripped to my waist then quickly threw on my dry shirt. One guy looked up, bemused.

“Time to put on my Big Boy clothes, dontchaknow?” He turned back to his beer but now the group of four next to him who had stopped talking on my arrival took notice.

One asked, “Have you been…running?”
“Yeah, a bit. A bit.”
“Where you been running from?” he added.
WHO’VE you been running from?” another quipped.
“Hatch End,” I answered the one and, turning to the comedian, “TO, not from…this is my fourth pub on this run.”

They returned to their conversation but one of the guys kept muttering, “‘Atch End, ‘Atch End….” Eventually, he had a Google map and looked up at me again. “That’s miles away. Are you daft?”

“Yes, sir. And, more.”

Remarkably friendly boozer. Do drop in.

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Fishery, Elstree, Hertfordshire   1 comment


The next segment of the day’s run was less like torture although it was the longest stretch between pubs.  My map ended shortly after this and I would finish the run in zenning mode (a hashing term) unsure of where my next beer would come and so the Fishery was a welcome sight, indeed.



It was quiet for the time of day but it is sort of remote, too, and focused on food (a bit early for seating).  A couple of middle eastern guys came in for Cokes then went for a hike in the wood across the road but, other than that, a lonely visit.

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Moon Under Water, Watford, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment

I totally get Watford. Toothless, crucifix wearing nanas with dirty laughs; bald, middle-aged guys wearing flip-flops and veering into the pub just after 9am; all the hot girls out this time of morning wearing identical leather jackets. All of these were on display at the Moon Under Water, Sunday.


I ordered a Titanic Cappuccino Porter. “Nice call,” the bartender complimented. “Really good and really tastes like a cappuccino.” I took a sip and, indeed, it just tasted like a really expensive, iced coffee and not at all like a very reasonably priced pint. I found my way to a tall seat I thought was out of the path of traffic and settled in to watch the freak show.


It wasn’t that much out-of-the-way, as it turned out, since every miscreant that came in felt obliged to approach the three unplugged and turned-away-from-the-pub fruit machines via the narrow path behind me and not the wider, open space on the bar side of the column next to my table. No matter, I was leaving just now, anyway.

Here’s a map.

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Columbia Press, Watford, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment

The roads from Ruislip to Watford are more uphill than down and the route I took was longer than I had estimated. This was really fortunate since I limped to a stop in front of the Columbia Press just as the church clock struck 8: it was the first day of BST but they hadn’t yet moved the chimes an hour ahead. I checked my GPS to make sure it was actually 9 then went in and ordered a Pathfinder, a bitter and astringent beer that also re-energised me with each desperate gulp.



There was a guy trying to impress a blond with his wild man credentials (that’s them, nursing some coffee in the booth to the right).  “Yeah, I was, like, totally crazy back in the day.  I’d drink like a whole bottle of vodka in a day!”  Whoa, Cheech, slow down a bit, bruh.  You’re freaking me out with your substance abuse stories!

Here’s a map.


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