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The Rifle Volunteer, Bushey, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2114:

[Still a week behind on this and subsequent write-ups.  Target to catch up around mid-May, fingers crossed.]

So, yeah.  Couldn’t find a place to piss and, as I have the kidneys of a much older man (which is to say with wonder, an even older man) I hurried along to the Rifle Volunteer.  There were wooded-enough places en route, but I was feeling uncharacteristically civilised on the day and just kept dry with thoughts of the desert until I could get there.



Every pub with a tele was tuned to a big, important football match that I just couldn’t give a toss about; this pub was plastered with large screens, everywhere.  Fortunately, the signal kept crashing out, so the most I had to endure was a few seconds every now and again before an error screen and blessed silence would replace it. I suspect sabotage — something like a signal jammer — from one of the nearby pubs, but would be hard pressed to say which is the most likely.  Well done, though, as this gave me a mostly empty house in which to enjoy my pint of cider.




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The King Stag, Bushey, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2113:

One street over from and in about the same relative location on the street as the Swan, you’ll find the King Stag.  It is a much more modern house and roomier but the weather was so glorious I took my beer outside.  Besides, the inside was sterile and soulless.



I got about a mile’s worth of the run in between the two pubs but not enough to break a sweat.  I was clean, and I don’t think I was speaking in tongues.  But, when I came out to sit the couple sitting down wind both scowled, got up, and left.  The girl in the distance went about another 20 meters farther down the street (leaving a few seconds earlier from the other table near me); she squatted on the pavement there, fucking with her phone until I left to return my glass.  She had returned by the time I came back out.  Friendly joint.



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The Swan, Bushey, Hertfordshire   1 comment


Pub #2112:

The Swan is a decent, one-room boozer in what appears to be just a normal terrace house.  It’s largely the same architecturally as it was 120 years ago which is why it got into the Historic Pub Interior registry (and that, in turn, is what drew me to the door).



It doesn’t take long to see the whole place and it would have been crowded with ¼ the population.  I wish we had a local like this.


Pub #2112:


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The Victoria, Bushey, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2111:

I was in Bushey for a run, of course, and because there were pubs to inspect.  First up on this trip was the Victoria, primarily because it is on CAMRA’s register of “historically important interiors.”  It’s nice, I’ll grant that, and the bar is well stocked (several interesting ales to choose from).



Still on my own at home while the wife and brother-in-law plan their mother’s funeral in the mountains of East Tennessee (and, yes, she was dead before they contacted the funeral parlor), my thoughts were with them especially when I spotted the gambling box’s name:



There appeared to be a steady flow of punters; roughly 20 pints and a few odd orders were pulled but there were never more than four of us plus the bartender inside at any one moment.  Order, chat briefly whilst draining the glass, and fuck off…hey!  Victoria customers!  That’s my gig.  Fuck off, VC’s, I’m working this corner.  [apologies to Doug Stanhope for the paraphrase, there]



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Sights around Bushey   2 comments


The Sunday run was short and sweet with 4 pub stops over the course of about 4 miles back-and-forth and round-and-round Bushey, a little village completely covered with pubs a mile or so south of Watford.




The main sights, I guess, were the pubs which are being written-up (or shall soon be). I was impressed with the spiritual life of the town, though, especially the icon of Darrel from the Walking Dead (in drag, above) on the side of the Catholic Church.

The Methodist Church is also odd: look at the steeple and the way they seemed to have built it and then built a brick tower around it about halfway up its full height.



Looking for a quiet place to unload some used beer, I wandered into the town Rose Garden. This was absolutely lovely, but too occupied for my Trump-Russian-prostitute impression. I continued the trek to a final pub (indoor potties!) and called it a day.


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The General’s Arms, Chesham, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2044:

I got a pint of Black Friday in the General’s Arms, a fairly good choice at the end of the run streak not least because it is really fine, dark ale; it is also a beer I first encountered toward the end of Week 1 of the Run Streak this year and, coincidentally, up here in this part of the TfL system. Good stuff.

As I sipped, an old Teddy Boy with sleeve tattoos and a TapOut t-shirt was drinking a White Russian (no straw for him nor the one his missus had). She had gone off to powder her nose or something and left him perusing his recent bed sheet purchases.

I would classify the clientele here, “Local.”


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The Pomeroy, Little Chalfont, Hertfordshire   Leave a comment


Pub #2043:

As I mentioned in the post about the run, itself, I really didn’t feel like getting out in the cold for a run — much less trekking out to the ends of the Metropolitan Line to do it. Had I been more in the mood, I would have added about a mile to the run to head south from Amersham Station and made a pub stop in the George and Dragon or one of several other nearby watering holes. Instead, I settled on the most direct route to tick off my station-to-station segments for the day.

But, lo, before me appeared a pub sign and down a long drive adjacent sat what appeared from without to be a pub.  Splendid, I thought as I sped to the Pomeroy‘s door.



Alas, inside it was primarily a white-table-cloth dining facility. But, there was a bar and there were ales available and a couple of seats near the fire for those of less presentable attire. After one particularly awful pop song, the music piped in was several cuts in a row of Jake Bugg songs (which was nice). I had just begun to come around to this house when my glass turned up nearly dry. Only 1¼ miles into the trip and not even halfway to the end of the first segment, I inexplicably did the responsible thing and headed back to the trail.



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