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Runs Highworth and Bournemouth   4 comments

Highworth church stone

Jackie had an appointment in Highworth until mid-afternoon the day of our trip to Bournemouth so we schlepped our bags with us and I got in a run around the ancient hilltop town while I waited.  This only killed off a little time, though, and there isn’t much else to do there so I popped into the church for a poke around.

Highworth church glass

There’s some good glass and the roof is pure architectural grandeur.  The original Norman structure is all but obscured but there was still enough to see for ¼ hour (and it got me out of the cold wind — there was even some snow before we finally left town!).

Highworth run


We went to Bournemouth to see a review-type show in support of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbin and featuring Billy Bragg and a bunch of lefty comedians.  The show was great (more on that when I get around to it).

Bournemouth run

The next morning was lovely and quite a bit warmer so I ran along the cliffs, then the beach, then the cliffs again before heading inland and back toward the town (with a stop at the Sir Percy Florence Shelley and the Christopher Creeke for quick beverages on the way).

Bournemouth coast run

Best find of the runs had to be this, though:

Bunny's Take Away


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