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Hull-idiz In’t Sun Part 8: (bonus) Mystery Postbox   2 comments

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On my hangover walk in Hull I spotted this rarity: a postbox without a regal signifier (VR for Victoria, GR for George V, EIIR for our Betty, EVIIIR for the hardest ones to find, etc).  My eyes weren’t working to well yet, still adjusting to the light and the alcohol poisoning induced brain damage.  As such, I thought the graffito on the side rudely said “Fuck the Welsh,” and was pleased to see it more clearly in the photo.

If you are new to these pages, postboxes are something of an obsession.  Read the previous posts, here.



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Hull-idiz In’t Sun Part 7: Famous Hullites and Other Statues   1 comment

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Everyone knows, This Be The Verse by Philip Larkin

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another’s throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don’t have any kids yourself.


Larkin was the only Hull native I knew of when I planned the trip (save for the DPhil student in the lab where I work) and he was the first statue I found seeing as it is on the rail platform.  His words — not the family-accurate “They fuck you up,” but the family-friendly bits of his canon — are all over town on a walking trail I might do formally on a less-hurried visit (here are some I just stumbled across).



Amy Johnson was a cool find, though.  She flew much of the globe contemporary with Amelia Earhart.



A reconstruction of the plane, Jason, she flew to Australia (in what could only be described as an epic journey) hangs from the ceiling of the rail station and its small scale brings home the enormity of her adventure.



The Queen’s Dock is now a public garden, but Daniel Defoe’s most famous character Robinson Crusoe set sail from here:



Victoria isn’t from here but a lot of the Empire was accessed from these docks.



William Wilberforce was an abolitionist MP from Hull who made the founding of Freetown, Sierra Leone possible.  His statue appears to show him using some sort of 19th century i-phone (typical politician, probably sending engravings of his junk to a constituent).


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Hull-idiz In’t Sun Part 6: Signage   2 comments

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I awoke Sunday certain I must have said something like Dylan Thomas’ last words (“I’ve had 18 straight whiskies……I think that’s the record”).  I was afflicted with the kind of hangover that, when you see signage in Arabic, you wonder if it is just brain damage or maybe you’ve found your way to the Qatar during your black out.  The ones, above, were on some council towers near my room and probably just said, “Resident parking only.  No ball games.”  Still, it seemed prudent to take photographic evidence in case I need to see a neurologist later.



The day before, I stumbled upon The Land Of Green Ginger and the George Hotel with one of the tourist items that, while recommended by a native who works in my lab, didn’t interest me enough to seek out (but it is probably somewhere near the sign).



I wasn’t sure about this block in the pavement but there’s a dirty joke in it if you just lower your standards a bit.  Go ahead, I’ll wait:



I really should start a “trademark infringement” tag.  “You’re out of parmesan! You’re out of parmesan! The WHOLE PIZZERIA is out of parmesan!”



From the absurd to the poignant, the X could be from a Brexiteer or a Remoaner.  At least we’re all one, again.  Similarly, up here you see a lot of Union flags and a lot fewer St George flags as if to say to the neighbours to the North that we’re better together, just not with those European bastards.


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Hull-idiz In’t Sun Part 5: Industrial and Commercial Hull   Leave a comment


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Hull is sort of contrarian, like the Peoples’ Republic of Bremen but not at all Germanic (which a lot of Germans would also say about Bremen).  This extends to their phone service which is local, not BT, hence the beige phone boxes.



I like industrial decay: it reminds me of home and when a holiday alone presents itself I usually try to find a place with dead or dying factories and once thriving husks of working class neighbourhoods.  When I explained this aspect of my architectural interests to everyone who snapped, “WHY?” at me when I said I was going to Hull, they assured me I had chosen well.  I found some of what I was looking for but for the most part Hull is doing okay.  But, I have some ideas for trips to some of Hull’s neighbours that might fit the bill a bit better.



In the centre, there are paving bricks denoting a “Fish Trail” celebrating the city’s tie’s to the sea harvest.

And, you can shop in the sheltered arcades safe from the harsh North Sea weather.  These kept turning up on my walks around town.


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Hull-idiz In’t Sun Part 4: Old Boozers   Leave a comment

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If you are shocked at how much time this blog spends on bars, you should leave now.  On my trip to Hull, I even sought out ones I knew to be closed.  The White Hart (above) was not on the list but sadly should have been.  It doesn’t seem to have been closed long since most of the fixtures are still in place:



Not far away, I found Sharkey’s (which is up for auction).  I thought it was a notorious crime hangout but on reading up on it found that it was only crimes against fashion and good taste that went on here.



The Earl de Grey, on the other hand, was a notorious seafarers’ pub in the red light district.  I took the photo for that aspect and for a murder I read about when I first booked the holiday trip.  Re-reading the notes, it was the murder of a talking macaw which was stabbed to death during a botched burglary.  Rest in peace, Cha Cha.


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Hull-idiz In’T Sun Part 2: Architectural sightseeing   1 comment

[Note: all the Hull-idiz tourism posts are linked here.]

Hull is actually a beautiful city and it bugged me every time I told a friend or colleague that I was going there that they would snap back an incredulous, “WHY?” before I could ask them what I should see while visiting.  This includes a DPhil student from Hull.  So, here’s a sampling of the cool structural tourism I did without any help from that lot.



The rail station is neat.  The interlocking rondel of rings at the tops of the columns are revisited at the ceiling:



There is a spectacular example of art deco above some shops heading into the old town:




With more time, I would probably spend a couple of hours investigating the panels on the Robbie Johnson’s building:




And, the residential bits in the city centre and old town have an old air to them:



Generally, the post-war and 1960’s commercial architecture like this housing Paul Adams leave me cold but around town you find them well maintained and sympathetic to the surroundings:



And, the seat of Hull government dominates the centre:



But, that’s not the most ancient.  Here is part of the old city walls recently rediscovered.  It is the 16th century Beverley Gate which originally incorporated drawbridges over a moat, a two-story tower with steeple, and housing for soldiers.



Public facilities to keep the streets clean (there are a lot of pubs here so these remove the excuse for jettison in transit between them):



And, there are derelict structures but I believe the interesting ones, like this church, have planning applications in for bars, restaurants, or housing:


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Hull-idiz In’T Sun Part 1: Hullspeak   2 comments

I guess I need to explain the title of this post.  I really love regional accents.  In Georgia, you used to be able to make a pretty decent guess (to within a few dozen miles) about where in the state someone was from by listening to them for a minute or so; in Atlanta, you could tell from which neighbourhood they hailed.  Everyone in the States sounds more or less the same, nowadays.

Not so in the UK.  The East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull in particular have an especially lovely tongue, demonstrated on these benches outside the Minerva pub.  While I was there, a Yorkshireman that looked for all the world like Vic Reeves (I’m almost convinced it was him) was harassing a middle-aged couple for not knowing the meanings of the phrases.  He also kept saying to them, “of course y’dunno…yer on yerolidiz.”

So, this big Vic-Reeves-looking-motherfucker points at “Arse In Yer Kirk,” and says “you’ll never get that one.”

I piped in, “ice in your Coke?”

A light cheer came from the others at his table and he turned, looked my way, and said, “oh, your on yerolidiz, too, then?”

“Yup, yup. Molidiz are always like this.”  I meant it like I always seem to be inhabiting an Andy Capp comic, but he’s from up near Newcastle and I didn’t want to start a fight.

So, the rest of this Holiday in Hull (my Hull-idiz) will be spread out over as long as it takes to get the posts out and in as many individual topics as make sense to me.  Enjoy deciphering the rest of the phrases (it helps to say them out loud):


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